I am a Married White wife thats Lobes BBC

We were married 16 years and our sex life was dull. We spiced it up with lingerie and sexy photo's. Hubby sugested posting on a site and the feedback was awesome. I had not felt that turned on in a long time. I started chatting online with several ladies and a couple men. One of the ladies Kelly, was being shared with otjer men which I found exciting. The men complimented me on the sexy pictures and would tease me. Of course I teased back. But through it all, I shared everything with my husband.
Kelly an online froend told me stories about her path and being shared with a black guy, it sounded so hot so when I told hubby. that week John started chatting with me. He claimed hubby set him up for mento get to knowhim better. We chatted and flirted for a couple weeks and Hubby was encouraging it.
A month went by, and it was a Thursday night. We went out to eat and the topic came up. I told him shhh someone might hear you. He asked me staight out, Do you want to have sex with John? OMG I was shocked and in a shy voice said yes. "Nope not good enough", he said. "Tell me". So he took a drink and I leaned over and whispered I want to fuck John. And what is John again, he asked me, a black guy, right. By this point I swear everyone could hear us. So Let him have it like he wanted. I said yes I want John and his big black cock to fuck me. finally he smiled and said good Lets see what we can do.
I cleaned up, shaved and even shaved my pussy bare for the first time. Iout on my garter, thigh high stockings and come fuck me black dress. When I walked out hubby was shocked and said I looked fucking hot.
We made it to the Hilton and checked in, went to the bar for a drink. Hubby left me there for a minute to grab a bag from the car and when he returned grabbed our drinks for the room.
John texted me when we got to the room said he was about ten minutes away.

The bag hubby got had a bottle of my wine, and mixers for him and John. Along with that a bottle of silk lube. He told me to send John the room number and mixed a drink, and poured some wine for me. The most intense minutes went by, and I was not sure what to do. Then the knock at the door, I looked at hubby as if he was going to answer it, he looked at me said John wasn't there for him. Nerveously I walked to the door and opened it. There John was standing with a big smile. He must have stood over 6', and deep voice said Hello Trish, glad to finally meet you. He walked to me leaned over to hug me, and kissed me as well. He towered over me, at 5'2 and heels he was still over a half a foot taller.
He came in shoke hubby's hand and expessed how hot I was looking. I sipped my wine as hubby mixed John a drink. John sat on the edge of the bed and suggested I come to him. With his big hand he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer straddling his leg. He pulled me in and both hands all over my body as we kissed passionatly. He hooked his fingers at the bottom of my dress and pulled it up over my head. Now just in thigh highs and a garter, and sheer top. my naked pussy exposed and hubby looked in shock to see me shaved so close. John the picked me up like I was a rag doll, and laid me on the bed continually kissing me.
he pulled his shirt off and wow the muscles. Again towering over me he kissed me again and down my neck around both my tits. He continued down until his big lips were on my pussy and his tongue slowly dancing around. he even was able to dart his tongue into my wet pussy like he was fucking it. He continued licking my pussy and started fingering me which brought me to the edge quickly.
He then stopped moved back up kissing my body all the way up, until he was kiss me again. I could taste myself on his lips, oh soo intense.

He stood up grabbed his drink and took a big drink. and told me to get to the edge of the bed. I sat on the edge which was about eye lebel to his waist. He came over and undid his belt, I stopped him and said let me. I slowly felt his cock through his pants, biting my lip as I looked up at him, and undoing his pants. I pushe his pants down and the kissed his cock through his boxers and the pulled those down as well. His cock was majestic, not fully hard but already bigger than I ever had. I grabbed it with one hand a licked his cock head, and slowly started sucking him and stroking him into my mouth. He was getting harder and bigger the more I worked him. His cock fit in both my hands end to end and still had anoth couple inches to suck. I was fevorishy licking every bit of him and getting more excited.

Do you like this cock Trisha, John asked me, oh yes I do I replied. Do you want tell me what you want. I looked up at him, lanced at hubby smiling, and back to John. I told him I wantedbhim to fuck me with his beautiful big black cock. Okay then and that is what I will do.

He laid me back spread my legs, stroking his cock and started just rubbing his cock head against my clit and pussy. I was moaning for it so bad. finally he pushed his swollen cock head into me, and I jumped, easy I said your so big. He pulled back and then again alowly pushed his cock head back into me, stretching my pussy with short thrusts. Oh my god your so fucking big, isaid looking down and still seeing he was barley in me.

As if I wasnt wet enough, he grabned the bottle of lube latheres up his cock and my pussy really good. He fingered my pussy deep with two fingers and then positioned himself again. His cock head slipped in and through some pleasurfull pain he sunk his cock deel into me. I let out another huge moan of pleasure as I felt him soo deep inside me. Yes just like that slow and easy and I am going to come soon. He pulled his cock back to ghe tip and again slowly pushed himself as deep as he could. I started coming feeling his cock so big and deep, I told him to stop and I started rocking myself on him making myself come hard.

As soon as my orgasm subsided John told me my pussy feels so good and tight. And I said yes, and looks soo nice with that black cock in me. John started fucking me again thisntime a little faster and a couple times too deep to quick but it still felt incredible.

He pulled out and told me to roll over. He quickly got behind me and leaning over positioned himself back in me. The two of us were facing my husband that I nearly forgot was there. with his big hands on my ass he pulled me back slipping his hard cock back in me. He told me to work his cock, so I started rocking back and forth takingbas muchas I could. I looked up at hubby, biting my lip, and he said, so you like his black cock. Fuck yes I do, its so fucking big and deep. Then he said for me to try to take it all. this excited me and I was going to come again. I pushed back slow and deliberatly taking as much as I could. Thats it take my cock John said to me. Take it all. Just when I thought that was it, his pushed and I could feel him even deeper pressing against my cervix.

He continued fucking me from behind and then pulled out. Drank down his drink and got on the bed, telling me to ride his dick. Facing him I straddled his body, leaned over kissing him and grinding on his cock. I reached down and guided him back into my pussy and started rocking on his cock more. He pulled me down on him, wrapping his arms around me and started fucking me from below, so hard and fast, I exploded again from another intense orgasm. After that and some more slow fucking and just enjoying his cock in me. John looks up at me and asked if I was a good wife. grinding on his cock I said yes. John told me to get up, laid across the bed and turned me around. He told me to shownmy husband how good you can take this dick.
I climbed back on with my pussy facing hubby, stretched and full of his black cock. With my arms propped up, and his cock deep in me I road him spread wide for hubby to see me taking his cock in me. He began fucking me from the bottom hard making me come again. this time I was exhausted. I crawled off sipped my wine and layed back.
John still hard said okay last round. He pulled me flat on my back, propped my legs over his arms and slid his cock back into me, and stayed there a second until he said you did it girl, that pussy warmed up and took it all. Oh fuck Yes I love it, John then started fucking me harder and faster. He continued pounding my pussy till he finally started coming in me. Fuck yes he said as he finished and slumped over to kiss me. His dick slipped from my pussy dripping his come on me. It was fucking hot.
John cleaned up and headed out, and since that day we haved fucked at least monthly and sometimes more. As for Big Black Cocks, hubby has set me up with more than 30 different guys, some more often than others but John is still my favorite. John has been fucking me now 12 years, and my husband loves our sex life even more now than ever. So friends and Family I am a 5'2", 108lbs of Married Wite Big Black Cock slut, and I love it.


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  • My wife dated a black guy in college and of course I asked about “it”. She said yes. She even admitted that she went out with him because “I wanted to try a really big dick”. She said they dated for about six months and that she got used to it and it took her a while to get used to regular dick. I asked if she ever wanted it again and she said maybe, just once in a while.

  • Good for you. Nice to hear a woman finally admit that she loves black cock. Me and my wife have been married for 40years now. When we first met she was dating a black guy. I found out that she lost her virginity to a black guy. Over the years she's fucked a lot of them. Im not a cuckold. Im just a regular guy. I just think that it would be wrong if I held her back from being sexually happy. We still have a great sex life together. She's even had a few black guys move in with us. Thay come and go. Im secure in my manhood to understand what she wants and needs. And i know that I can't fulfill all of her needs sexually.

  • John was here yesterday, woke up with him and hubby on both sides of me..... Another morning fuck before he left the best

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

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