I like details

I'm a 25 year old guy and my confession is with me and my fellow male friend who is 24.

I'll just cut to the chase we fucked. And I'll tell you how we go there.

So he was spending a night at my place cuz friends sleep over sometimes right so it was night and i couldn't sleep so i got up and walked through the living room he was laying on the couch on his stomach and i guess he heard me cuz he turned and looked at me.

For background story we were drinking heavy so we were wasted and i was fucked up so was he

I remember him saying something about being hot and the first thing he did was pull his pants down to his ankles and his boxers just below his ass

(ass cheeks were out boxers just low enough to where you wouldn't have worry about them getting in the way if you were putting dick in his ass)

And held his shirt up and just laid there

Now I'm a straight guy and is he too but you know alcohol and hormones don't go together lol so

I looked at him for a second and then started touching his ass and rubbing it

I got on the couch behind him his ass right in front of me he looked at me and i leaned down and kinda kissed his neck

Sat back up and put one hand on the couch and used the other to pull my boxer down as i did my dick bounced out i gripped it and rubbed the tip against his ass he giggled a little

Spread his cheeks with both hands and spit a big glob of spit in his ass and on my dick i stroked it to get it hard

And i pushed my dick in his asshole he arch his back as my dick went in

When my dick was fully in i grabbed his hair and lifted his head up and wrapped my other arm around him and fucked him not gonna lie the shit felt good as fuck so i bit my lip and thrusted, swirled and dug my dick all inside his ass making his cheeks clap,asshole cream and him moan until i nutted in his ass and he got his nutt off too when we finished i pulled my dick out and my nut started leaking out of his ass

And then we both just passed out on the couch next to each other

It was like a one nightstand but with a friend and we haven't talked about that night since

But yeah I'm happy i can say this somewhere because even if this no longer makes me straight which i still say I am because it was a one time thing

And i think drunk sex is a different thing..right?

Enjoy the story :)

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  • I love getting f ucked so hot and kinky feeling it throb inside

  • Nothing wrong with just being bi-curious. Hell I tried getting a buddy to fuck me about 30 years ago. I also was rubbing my hard cick into his ass crack and yes, he was pressing back against my cock too. But it never happened.

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  • Cos your ugly as fuck

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