It is big

I was at a store in Everett Wa. And I was looking at the tools when a young thin guy walked up and said he had tools for sale so I asked him if I could see them. We walked out and got into my truck and drove to his place a few blocks away. I went in and he brought out some snap on and craftsman. I asked him how much for all and he gave me a high price then said that if I let him suck me off he would lower the price. So he undoes my pants and started to lick and suck my dick. I was hard and dripping pre cum and he said to quit teasing him and squirt my load. I grabbed his head and I unloaded in his throat I was cuming a lot. When I was done he was licking and sucking still and I came again. He was not stopping so I grabbed that head and came a 3rd time. This time he let me out of his mouth and he was jacking off stood up and came all over my Dick and nuts. He then went back down and licked me clean. I went back 4 days later and he blew me off the same way. But when he came he shoot my asshole and I got the best rim job I have ever had.

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  • Oh yeh I'm gonna reduce the price or give my tools away for something any guy can get for free if he wants.

  • Hot very hot , there's a guy who comes to Tacoma from I think federal way. He goes to either Wapato or spanaway park's. He let's you look through his phone at hidden pic's and videos of his extremely hot wife. While you're looking at them he gives you a bj. I recently found out that she works at Anthony's restaurant in tacoma on the water. I saw her there the last time I was there. Huge turn on me knowing and she was oblivious.

  • That sounds really hot. You should use his phone to take pics and vids of him blowing you. I'm sure he would appreciate it

  • Does he swallow?

  • Oh yeah , you almost have to tell him to stop after your done

  • Post them for us

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Hi im jay

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