My housemate loves my panties!

My housemate dared me to tell someone our secret, so instead of telling a friend I'm chickening out and sharing it here:

About a week ago I got really drunk with my housemates and we ended up talking till the early hours of the morning. At some point the couple who have the downstairs room went to bed leaving me alone with the two guys. They kept pressuring me and asking me what sort of stuff I am into, have I ever slept with another woman (yes!) and I may have told them a little bit more than I intended... Including being really subby and having a whole humiliation kink among other things. The conversation went on and eventually I found out one of my housemates was pretty boring and vanilla. However it turns out the other housemate has a huge kink for panties. Once he admitted it he started asking me loads of questions like had I ever had a boyfriend who liked panties, did I ever masturbate with them on. I could see he was getting pretty turned on, but the other housemate must have got a bit awkward as he left pretty soon after.

He eventually very sheepishly asked if he could have a pair of mine. I left it just long enough to make him feel really awkward and start to stammer apologies before standing up and dropping my PJs to ask him if 'these would do'. His face was amazing. It wasn't until I was taking them off that I realised what I was doing, but honestly I was too drunk and too turned on to care.
He kept asking me if I really minded... like when I'm here stripping in front of you... do you really have to ask? You dope. <3

We messed around a bit and eventually I ended up giving him a handjob by holding my panties over his (very nice!) cock which was weird, but when he came though.... He did something that completely made me melt.
He was slouched on the sofa with that super cute sleepy dazed look that guys get just after they cum. He took my panties off his cock and said 'Ellen, put these on, its your turn'. Panties ain't my thing... but being told to do humiliating things by hot dommy guys... fuck me now! Putting them on felt so dirty and humiliating, they were all sticky and wet between my legs, and he was watching me the whole time with that goofy grin on his face... He made me touch myself * unf! * and when I climaxed he stroked my hair and told me 'to wear those tomorrow'

I will admit I didn't wear them the next day, as I mostly spent it in a hungover haze. We also talked through what happend... and now me and him have a new secret. Occasionally he borrows my panties and occasionally he makes me wear them afterwards. On those days he whispers 'slut' in my ear and I love it.

Oh... and guess what I'm wearing now... ;)


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