I did it on a dare and liked it

Hubby took me out for a dinner, a movie and drinks afterwards. How the subject came is a long story but after a few drinks, hubby bet me that I couldn't go to a local G&L bar and see if I could get a woman to buy me a drink. I'm really not into women but it was a sucker bet and besides the money I wanted to put him in his place.
The only catch was that it couldn't be a dyke, it had to be a fem and I only had an hour. I was dressed nice as I'm a girly woman, almost immediately I had some butch girls hitting on me and soon thought this was going to be harder than I thought. Time passed and the drink I had bought was low but I was nursing it and this gorgeous woman my age sat down by me. She started the conversation by asking me what I was looking for ? I was like what do you mean ? Then she told me how she'd been watching me since I came in and noticed how I'd been brushing off advances.
I told her I wasn't into that type, and she agreed she didn't like that either. Then she mentioned that my drink was about gone would I like another. Yes, success I was going to win this bet. So of course I said yes, then she said she was tired of the bar but her apartment was a little bit away and we could have one there.
I haven't a clue as to why I agreed but off I went. She only lived a block away and as we entered her building she reached over and took my hand. It was like static electricity and somehow comfortable.
Won't bore you with our conversation, except to say it was stimulating and funny and after 3 drinks I told her that I had to call my friends and tell them I was alright and not to expect me. She smiled leaned over and gave me the most sensuous kiss I'd ever had and said that she was going to freshen up and with a sly wink told me that she'd wait for me in the bedroom.
Called hubby and said I was alright and wouldn't be home tonight as I was staying with a friend.
I can honestly say that I know that I love cock but that woman took me places and had me doing things that I'd never thought that I'd go or do and I loved every minute of it. The best and hottest memory that I will cherish is snuggling up next to her afterwards and falling asleep with her arms around me, her breasts pressed to my back with her coochie against my butt.

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  • Reading through your post, I can attest that this is more common than not. My BF and I like to watch UFC. We had driven down to Bdubs and were in the mood for a cold beer and some good fights. When we got there, there was no room. A fairly attractive couple invited us to share their table....didnt think anything of it. The night was good and they were a great couple. We decided to go to another bar for pool, darts and drinks. My BF started making his "betcha" comments. By the end of the night I was groping her ass and tits. We kissed in the bathroom and she was interested in going home with us. After talking to my BF, we did not want to be stuck in the middle of the drama. I would have eaten her out though if it all would have gone down even though I dont normally pursue other women.

  • I'm sure you do enjoy dick (and hubby) but you now know women are so much better! Hope you've had more sexy nights and more mornings waking up with women, soft and cuddling and truly happy.

    As for hubby, that's what he gets for betting against you. :P

  • More women do it than you can imagine. There isn't a night of the week when I don't run into a "straight" girl (and sometimes 1-2 of her girlfriends) in one of the local lesbian bars. It's all good, as long as you're not just sight seeing and pointing you're fine. Nothing better than taking a straight girl's cherry. I especially enjoy when she realizes how long I can go, the wide selection toys I have (all shapes, sizes, and fantasies) and that I can go down on her for hours without getting tired.

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