I have my camper parked in my backyard. I sometimes sunbath nude behind it. I'm sort of a nudist and take my camper to the nudist resort. I never knew I was looked on by the neighbor. She's a young BBW working as a secretary at a car dealership.
It was a beautiful warm sunny Sunday. I put a six pack in the camper and set up the lounge chair behind the camper. I polished off one bottle of beer and kind of dozed off in the sun. I opened my eyes and put my arm across my forehead to block the sunlight and saw Pam standing there looking at me. "For an old timer you got a nice package." smiling at me. It didn't bother me that she caught me nude. I'm use to being seen nude by others.
"Want a beer?" I asked her. "Sure!" she answered. I stepped into the camper to get the beer and she followed me in. She looked around the insides and said, "Very nice! I'm guessing you camp out at the local nudist resort. Are there BBW women there like me, and swingers also?" "Yeah!" I said as I handed her a beer. She kept looking at my package and said, "I was toying around of going to the resort. You mind if I get nude in here with you?" "Not at all. You need to show off those big tits!" She removed her clothes letting her youthful tits rest on her belly. My dick hardened up. "I never expected it to grow that big!" as she reached for it.
"Stroke it Baby!" She began to stroke it as I lifted her tits and let them fall. I pushed her down on the bed as she held her legs open. "Fuck me daddy!" Pam yelled out. "Daddy?" I said. Then she confessed to me that she has a father-daughter sex fantasy and wanted to swing at the nudist resort.
I stuck my cock in her. "Oh daddy!" I put it deep into her. She grabbed my balls. I exploded in her. "You made pregnant!" as she showed me the cream pie I put in her. I knew she was just role playing.
We hit it off and she moved in with me. We attend nudist resorts and private swing parties and go to the nude beach area. I love Pam dearly.

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  • A very nice situation that works for both of you. I like her honesty.

  • Fake cake.

  • It sounds like you were a one or two pump chump that first time. I hope you fucked her as soon as you were hard (About 2-3 minutes for you) again so you would last longer the second time, or maybe a third,

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  • Look for the asian

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