I just couldn't help myself!

I'm married, in my 30s, I like to take care of myself. I use to go to a gym but these days it's Fitness blender, Yoga with Adrian, jogging, and hiking. I also like gardening and cook . . . I like to dressed up, but when I'm home I like to be casual, sorts or some old jeans and a t-shirt or maybe a tank-top and I never were a bra at home.

For the last few years, we've lived next door to this nice family. The Mom & Dad are really nice and their son (I'll call him Ryan) is sweet and has become surprisingly chatty after getting to know him. Over the years I've hired Ryan to help with odd jobs. Things like yard clean up, window washing, feeding the cat when we go out of town - that kind of stuff.

This summer, was the summer of COVID and I was "working from home". Which means I was around the house, on the deck, and in garden more than past summers. This summer, was also the first time I noticed the Ryan looking at my tits.

I was out side when his dog came over to say hi. I was squatted down petting him when Ryan appeared out of no-were and said hi. I said hi back, glanced up as him, and caught him looking right at my tits. I pretended not to notice but thought to myself "was he just looking at my tits?". I asked if he would come give me his opinion about something in the back yard. We went around back, hung out chatting about the garden and during that time I caught him looking at my tits several times. The more I pretended not to notes, it seemed to make him more comfortable looking. We made a plan for him to come over and help me with an irrigation project in the garden. He went home and I went in the house.

I sat there thinking about what just happened and about the fact that I felt turned on. It's really intense having someone that's good looking, of the sex you're attracted to, and quite a bit younger than you checking you out like that. It wasn't a conscious decision, I was just turned on so, I went looking for hubby - lucky guy.

I was one long hot American summer - hahaha - it consisted of me hiring him to help me with a few things in the back yard and him checking me out a lot. I bought a pair of mirrored aviator glasses and a bikini. Sometimes I'd lay out on the deck in that outfit. Other times I would wear the bikini top with some cutoffs while around the yard. He would go shirtless while working in my yard, working in his yard, or while shooting basketball in his driveway. We flirted, laughed, and had fun.

I didn't do anything stupid. I did find myself watching him shoot hoop imaging what he'd look like if he took those shorts off. I wondered if he was jerking off every day or every other day. Could it be more than ones a day? I wondered what kind of cock he had but one thing's for sure - his young virgin cock must get hard as a rock! Mmm

Then it came - winter. We all went back inside, the clocks got changed and it started getting dark early. Oh well, there's always next summer . . .

Something came up and my husband had to go out of town. He felt weird about flying with the pandemic so he decided to drive. It would add time but felt safer. He was gone for 8 days. This gave me a lot of time by myself and for my mind to roam. After just a short while my inner horny cougar thoughts where raging. I decided to flash Ryan.

Ryan's room is on the second floor and is directly across from our guest room. A room we never go in, the door is always closed, light is always off. One day I put some things in the guest room closet. After dark, I waited until I saw Ryan in his room and I flipped on the bright guest room lights. I pretended not to notes that the shade was up. I walked around with a glass of wine in my hand, looking at the stuff in the closet. I set my glass down and pulled something from the closet and held it up to the light. Once I was sure I had his attention I tossed the item on the bed, took off my top, and tried on the garment. It was tame, I had a bra on and he'd seen me in a bikini top during the summer. I stood in front of the mirror sizing it up. I took it off and walked around in my bra. I had a sip of wine, I found something else to try on . . . I did this over and over. He was watching me the whole time and then, while wearing a top, I took my bra off and pulled it out of the arm sleeve. I pushed my boobs around inside my top as I sized myself up in the mirror. I took the top off, walked around topless, and had more wine. I could tell he was still with me. My heart was racing, my skin felt hot, I thought about his cock. I tried on lots of clothes - the show continued for quite a while.

Finally, I disappeared to the privacy of my own room, pulled out every toy I have, and had a one women sex orgy.

I know, It's really bad. I just couldn't help myself.


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  • Has anything else happened since with Ryan

  • That was a hot story how old is Ryan

  • Since your husband was gone for more then a few days, you should have had Ryan over to tell you what he thinks about a few new bikinis you had just bought. Both of you wearing a mask of course. Then if you got turned on, you could give Ryan a couch dance. From there, you stop, or do just about anything at that point. It's always good to have a choice.

  • That's not so bad, you were in your own house, alone.

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