My first sexual experience involved multiple men using me

One hot summer day in early June, I lost my innocence to two horny 15 year old boys in the sweltering heat of our club house. We were reading the forum section of some penthouse magazines we found, and we were so turned on, I had never read anything so sexy in all my life! When they started talking about wanting a blow job, I was immediately consumed by lust, and was trying really hard to not show it. I was mesmerized as they stroked their now throbbing erections. I was amazed at how big they were (I was seven years younger and mine was much smaller). I quickly said ok, and before i could change my mind, i felt a hand on the back of my head pull me down towards his crotch, and that's when I panicked and tried to pull away. He was much stronger and easily overpowered me forcing the head past my lips and told me that he knew I really wanted it, and if I kept resisting he was gonna beat me up. I started to take as much as I could and almost immediatly his penis twitched as thick sticky ropes of sperm hit the back if my throat. I wasnt ready for that and as it went down my windpipe I choked and he grabbed my head and held it, and as cum shot out of my nostrils. I couldn't breath and struggled to break free, but he held my head firmly as he continued to flood my mouth with his nut! My own orgasm ripped thru me, as he slowly pulled this gigantic dick out of my mouth, I couldn't believe I could even accommodate it! Omfg! And before I could even catch my breath, another rock hard dick was there to take its place! But this time it was totally different. He started out slow, and for probably 15-20 min. He made love to my mouth! Lol, I know that sounds funny, but i remember that's how it seemed, really sensual, and soon my throat welcomed his sperm like a womb. They both came twice that day, and another boy came in my mouth as well, my jaw was sore when I went home for dinner, and as it turned out, we were all so turned on thinking about it that night, that the next day we couldn't wait to do it again! And the following day, and so on...every single day that summer I was on my knees sucking dick in that clubhouse! That was the best summer of my life, and this is a true story, I swear.

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  • All these stories are discussing.... you homos need to stay in your lanes just a bunch of sick fagitts ...

  • There are many lanes on this road, fool. I think it upsets you due to you trying to repress your own sexual desires. Otherwise, who the hell cares? Reading this doesn't turn anyone gay.

  • I did this too. Two one seven two zero nine two three four eight

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