Old And Useful

I'm 37 overweight and been married seven years. My husband's dick doesn't satisfy me anymore. I want a cock that works good in my snatch. I've been secretly getting laid by others, but their dick felt like my husband's in me. I know my neighbor wants me but he's 58 and he probably has a small dick and can't stay hard.
I was mowing in my back yard and sweating. My top was soaked pronouncing my boobs and belly. I knew my neighbor, Tim, was watching me, he always does. I decided to give him a treat. I removed my top and started to mow in my bra. I was mowing on the property line and happen to notice he was sitting on his patio with his dick out. It was an unbelievable cock. I kept going up and down the property line with the lawnmower trying to look at that cock. I wanted that big thick cock, so I removed my bra exposing my tits which flopped onto my belly.
He just sat there tugging on that cock. I was curious if he could please me with his shaft. I shut down the mower and walked right up to Tim topless. "I finally got your attention." he said. "I always knew you wanted to hump me but I wasn't keen of you being much older and probably couldn't keep it hard for me." I said. "Well let's go inside to my pleasure room and find out."
He had a king size bed with mirrors all around the room and porn pics hanging on the walls. I was amazed! We removed the clothes we had on and he started to grope me. I grabbed and felt his thick shaft. He pushed me down to use my mouth and tongue on that unbelievable cock! I couldn't give head. It was a two handed cock. Instead I sucked on his balls. He made me lean on the bed. I watched him thru the mirror lick my snatch from behind. He caused my clit to get erect. He pushed my ass cheeks apart and slowly a and carefully pushed his cock into my wet snatch. It was an unbelievable feeling. He kept pounding me and smacking my ass. It was the pleasure that I sought in having sex.
I laid on that king size bed looking up on the ceiling mirror as he tit fucked and slapped my breasts. He slapped his dick across my belly and squeezed my fat layers. I orgasmed several times watching him in the mirror. He finally shot his load with his cock wedged between my tits into my face and chin.
I go to Tim's place regularly to fuck and go topless mowing the lawn when my kids and husband aren't around. I'm hooked on that cock.

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