me and my neighbor were pretty close growing up as young kids. We didn’t have much to do in a small town so one day when we were both 15 we found his brothers Penthouse book. We bought felt pretty aroused by a certain girl when he basically showed me how to touch and play with my own cock. He couldn’t believe how much bigger I was than his and continued to compare size amongst his. I was obviously much larger than him. We were both around same height and weight. One day while we were playing a neighborhood girl decided to play with us and he decided to show her the Penthouse book. He made a comment about my cock and so she wanted to see it for herself. He continued to tell most of the other kids in our neighborhood about my cock being big.
By him doing this I was getting girls to touch it and play with it until a little later they started to want me to fuck them.I was surprised no one ever came up pregnant
By the time I was in HS the athletes would watch as I undressed just to see my cock for themselves. I pretended not to really notice but it gave me tons of confidence just to have them stareing
The girls in HS would actually come up to me and ask me if it was true about my size. Most times I would get a date out of it and either fuck them or have them touch it or suck it. This got around tthe school and before you know it some of the teachers and I were having sex.It was easy they would pick up and we would have sex i their cars and sometimes apartment.
I tried having girlfriends but most were very jealous even though I tried to hide what was happening in school it became difficult.
There were times I was having sex with some of my friends moms. It was fun but also scary because I was afraid of the husbands or boyfriends finding out.
It changed in College and it felt like I got a new start, Then my roommate helped me in the dorm one nigh when I woke up he was sucking my cock. It felt so good I let him finish. He had a gorgeous girlfriend. He eventually told her about it and I was fucking her and he would suck me off a lot when I came home wasted. I was getting so much pussy in College I was again afraid someone was going to bash my face in. Your reading this wondering just how big my cock is. It’s been measured over and over by females and it’s roughly 10.x 6.5
My balls hang lower than most and I can shoot 7-8 thick loads.I’ve learned that women will eventually call me so all I had to do was just wait .Trying to be in a relationship has proven difficult and I just can’t seem to find one female to latch on to. All the action stops when that happens.They usually don’t want sex as often as I would do I just don’t bother.
I’m 26 now and still skinny and single.

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  • Hell, I would suck you off, too.

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