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Being a man in my mid twenties and having very little sexual experience, one girlfriend in college who I lived with for two years after college, I have met a woman that is everything that I want. Very attractive blonde 5 feet 5 inches tall, 120 lbs, smart, has a good job in a bank, great in bed. However she has admitted that she has been with quite a few sexual partners in high school, college and after.
What do you think is a reasonable number of sexual partners for a woman in her mid 20s?
Will she be content with having sex only with me after having sex with quite a variety of men?
Would you marry a woman that has had many more sexual partners than you?

3 months ago

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    • The problem with all of this is that some day in the future she will meet someone she wants to do it with and there will be nothing you can do to stop her. She may let you know but most likely she will keep it a secret and you will never know.
      Its been my experience that a woman will cheat if she can get away with it.

    • Do you think that it is more likely that an experienced woman would cheat or one who hadn't experienced other men?

    • My wife was much more sexually experienced than I was when we got together. I was still a virgin and she had been with four guys. These were only her long term boyfriends and she has admitted that there were many one night stands when she was just horny and wanted to get laid.
      I found myself in love with her and accepted that all of these guys were in her past. I proposed and we have been married for 46 years and I still love her and appreciate every day that we are together.

    • Well let's be honest. Does it really matter. Isn't good enough for you that she knows how to please a man. After all it's just sex. I married my wife when she was 18 . By then she had been with at least 20 different guys. It didn't bother me she knew what she liked and wanted. She knew how to turn me on and satisfy me sexuality. And she was more than I could handle. Even after we were married she fucked other guys. I kinda wanted her to keep sleeping around. In the long run she was a great wife experienced lover never made me feel less than a man and husband. You have to keep an open mind and heart. After 40 years I won't change anything that she did.

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