Fun times.

My wife and I have found a way to make long trips more enjoyable and it started soon after our baby was able to travel with us.
We were on our way up to Eugene Oregon to visit my family and it was hot in the car and we were both tired when Olivia our daughter started fussing and Sherry opened up her nursing blouse and started feeding her .
It was so hot that we had the windows down because our air conditioner was on the blink and I didn't want our 10 year old full sized Chevy to over heat
We were on a long uphill part of I-5 after crossing the Oregon border and there were many 18 wheelers on the hill in front of us .
Neither her or I thought much of it until we passed one truck and he honked his horn when he looked down and saw her bare breast and Sherry blushed but I was laughing my ass off .
She said David you enjoyed that didn't you accusingly and I was still laughing so I said I think he did to and he must have called ahead as we kind of half assed argued about it but Olivia was still nursing as we passed another truck and he in turn also honked his appreciation .
I urged her to bare her other breast and now she was laughing along with me but I had to coax her until she finally did and even after Olivia was asleep again Sherry was getting into it now even teasing the guys by cupping her breasts in her hands and proudly showing them off for the guys but after awhile she tired of this but that .
When we would return to my parents she would expose her breasts and she got brave after many times and would even lean the seat back and take her panty's off and masturbate for them but After Olivia was old enough to know what she was doing that all stopped unless she was asleep.
Many truckers showed their appreciation with their horns and I figure that we also made their trip a little less boring.

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