Gloryhole Hubby

A few years after my husband and I got married we bought a home on a nice cul-de-sac in a nice neighborhood to raise our kids. Over the Summer, we got to know our neighbors pretty well after being invited to a few parties hosted by various couples.

After a year of living there and becoming very good friends with a half-dozen wives/moms on our court, we started getting together for a "girl's night" every once in a while. One night, a few of us girls had a bit more than a bit to drink and started talking about their husbands, complaining about this and that and the conversation started to turn toward sex.

A few of the women started in on how the sex was dropping off in quality AND quantity. One of the wives let out how she couldn't get off because of her husband's premature ejaculation and... she looked sheepishly at the other women and wiggled her little finger, meaning his penis was small...

The other wives were taken aback at first after a bit more alcohol, some wives brought up the same or similar tale of being unfulfilled.

Then one of the wives noticed I hadn't said a word and started asking me if I was just not airing dirty laundry or I was I a "lucky girl"?

I responded with a grin "Lucky... Very lucky..."

The other wives all leaned in wanting details...

I explained that my husband was "seriously hung" and I could not be happier. They continued to grill me for details and I could tell some of the women were getting hot and bothered as I started filling them in.

I told them that my husband's dick was right out of a porn movie. That was when one of the wives mentioned noticing his bulge when we were invited to a pool party.

I nodded and explained that even when he's completely soft, his dick is over 8 inches and thick. He has a hard time with wearing shorts and he has to wear baggy pants at his job.

Some of the wives were almost drooling at this point. I told them that when he's hard, he was just over 10-1/2 inches and almost as thick a beer can.

The wives were outwardly moaning now, biting their lips. I told them that he only has to pump my pussy eight or nine times (and he also does it VERY slowly) and I start coming...

The wives were all screaming "Oh my God!!!"

After even more alcohol, a couple of the women asked me if I had photos of it on my phone. I replied "Of course." and showed them. They were now wailing and panting heavily and one of the girls asked:

"You could set up a gloryhole in your garage or something and some of us girls could come over and maybe have a little fun?"

Some of the women were moaning just at the thought of it. I asked "Are you serious?" The girl that suggested the gloryhole said she would do it in a second.

After a few seconds, one of the other wives, lost in the fantasy of it, said: "If I were to just 'innocently' walk by your place and maybe saw the garage door open and... Then I walk in and it was dark maybe but then i notice this huge dick hanging out of a hole in the wall? Yeah... I'd walk up and suck that monster and make him come in my mouth... I'd keep sucking to get him get him hard again I'd bend over and let that big dick fuck me... Yeah, I would..."

By now, the fantasy of this was getting ME turned on... We were all pretty drunk but I told them I'd ask my husband. I already knew he would love it. He's had a pornstar dick his whole life so he's used to getting "special" treatment.

We have a solid relationship and I KNOW he'd never leave me because I'm the only women he's ever met that could deepthroat him...

Two weeks later, we set up a little room in the garage where my husband could sit comfortably and listen to music or watch video on his iPad. There was a hole where he could stick his dick through when he got word one of the wives would be "coincidentally" walking by... The garage lights were off but there was a dim, blue spotlight that we aimed at the hole...

I'll let you know what happened in the next episode...


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  • He will never leave you because you can deep throat?

    Ah, true love.

  • He fucks me for my pleasure. He LOVES to be sucked more than anything and he's NEVER had another woman be able to deepthroat him...

  • It's impossible to deepthroat him hard but when he's soft, I can get all 8 inches down my throat and let it grow to the full 10-1/2. Then he just fucks my throat and comes right directly into my stomach... I LOVE it!

  • OMG...

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