Surprised baby sitting

Soon after college my sister got married 2 yrs later they had a son... my mother felt compelled that a baby should have a mother around and always found a way to stop by their house to check on the baby .... my sister travels a lot due to job requirements and Jack works mostly from home ... they do well financially so when one of their friends from college was getting married they were invited to the wedding since my mother couldn't baby sit for the weekend i volunteered to do it it was only for the weekend and my husband was on his road trip so i could stay at their house with my son and have it all to our selves,,,,,, after the kids playing all day they were kind of tired they sat by the TV to watch their favorite movies ( yes this was VHS time ).... they pulled all the tapes out and picked the ones they wanted to watch..... after putting them to bed i tried to match the tapes with the cases ... except for a blue and a red tape,, i lowered the volume and tried to see what the tape was and poof much to my surprise there was a huge cock pulling out of a gaped out ass shooting a load on her back and being rammed back in forcefully i could see her fingers rubbing her pussy furiously and slamming her self against the huge cock till she had an orgasm when she spread her ass open her rings caught my this can't be there was my mother streched open with jacks cock ... she was totally naked asking him to get it up again and smiling at the camera... she turned a round and tells him to video her ass and pussy she's totally shaved and all gaped open .. she grabs his limp cock and forces it down her throat taking most of it he pulled away from her ... i've never seen my mother being sexually active since my father passed 5 yrs earlier ... but goodness gracious she could take a huge cock in every hole


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  • Growing up my family would travel to stay and visit with my mothers side family for part of the summer each year. We all looked forward to it as they lived deep in the woods and we lived in a huge city. All the boys slept in the living room. All the girls piled in the girl's bedroom. I was often confused as to which parents had the boy's room and which had the master bedroom as they seemed to trade. I assumed they took turns as to who was stuck with bunk beds. I never thought anything of it until after my father died and a discovery was made.

    My father outlived my mother. While my sister and I were going through his stuff my sister found their private picture stash. I was shocked that they even had a naughty stash. Up till that time I never thought of my parents as sexual creatures. It felt like seeing a car crash, we couldn't not look through all of them.

    A lot of them were typical of the time and artsy. Many were obvious imitations of popular images of the time, think Marylin Monroe's dress blowing up, but with my mother and not as tame. What shocked us most was to see private pics of our aunt and uncle too. It was obvious from the pics that they swapped a lot. That was hard to conceptualize as the four were rather conservative and religious.

    So I see what the OP means

  • I hope one of them wiped jacks dick off before you mother put his shit dick down her throat??

  • Leviticus 18:11-17
    “Do not have sexual relations with your stepsister, the daughter of any of your father’s wives, for she is your sister. “Do not have sexual relations with your father’s sister, for she is your father’s close relative. “Do not have sexual relations with your mother’s sister, for she is your mother’s close relative. “Do not violate your uncle, your father’s brother, by having sexual relations with his wife, for she is your aunt. “Do not have sexual relations with your daughter-in-law; she is your son’s wife, so you must not have sexual relations with her. “Do not have sexual relations with your brother’s wife, for this would violate your brother. Do not have sexual relations with both a woman and her daughter. And do not take her granddaughter, whether her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter, and have sexual relations with her. They are close relatives, and this would be a wicked act.

    Fuck you and you pathetic fake incest post dude. God your reaching far to make anyone believe that crap..

  • Is it incest if you fuck your wife's mother?

  • YES IT IS.

  • No it's not. It is just cheating. You have to be blood related for it to be incest

  • Wrong again lady balls! Stop spreading fake shit and lies.

    A West Virginia man and his step-daughter busted having sex are facing prison for incest — even though they are not biologically related.
    Kelcey Nicholas, 28, was caught sleeping with 21-year-old Lataura Jarrett on Sept. 19 at their Mount Nebo home in Nicholas County.
    Officers were checking on Nicholas' previous home-confinement charge when they walked in to find the duo in bed.
    Usually, the couple would not be prosecuted for the incident — as they aren't related by blood and both are over the age of consent.
    But they are bizarrely facing as much as 15 years in prison after Sheriff David Hopkins cited state law that a daughter is the natural offspring of a person's husband or wife.
    As Nicholas is still married to Jarrett's mother, he is technically her father.
    The pair was charged with seven counts of incest, reports the Saturday Gazette-Mail.
    Nicholas remains in jail while Jarrett was freed on bond. Both will appear in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday.

    You stupid fuck can see that because of marriage they are still arrested.


  • A lot of crazy shit happened in Leviticus.

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