Baseball trip

We took a trip down south to play baseball. During one rain delay afternoon we were in the hotel killing time. A game 6 of us came up with was standing in a circle beating off. We decided whoever came last had to lick his cum off his hand. Luckily, i finished 2nd, but looking back, wanted to try it. Didnt realize it then, but watching young men masterbate, was a huge turn on and would give anything to have a young stud join my wife and i.

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  • Reminds me of naughty dirty batty Filipinos butting in on family that is none of their business. everywhere you go a Filipino is in the middle of it causing trouble. can you see i just don't want to be swarmed by them. they are even involved with the beatles and movie stars and they sicken me. sorry to say this as I like some Asians and I know i should not base a liking of a culture or race based on bad things from my sister. but please give us a break. no allans/orlandos depps. no more.

  • I had a long affair with my high school baseball coach. He was a super hot DILF and very masculine. Great tanned and toned baseball body with great legs. I dated and married his daughter, so we get to spend lots of time together...if you know what I mean

  • We had a game too called Black Night when we were 13 or 14, maybe 15. We'd turn off all the lights then strip naked and jerk off. Nothing like anonymity to lose inhibitions. We used to make sure it was pitch black and nobody could see what anybody was doing and nobody knew who was doing what.

    It was all crazy fun and I never objected if I felt someone sucking my cock. I sucked a few myself. I came in a few mouths and had a few mouthfuls of cum myself but nobody ever knew who did what.

    God, it was fun. You do things when you're that age that you can never do at any other age subsequently.

  • We did a similar thing we called Soggy Sao. We'd stand around a Sao biscuit and cum on it. The last person to cum had to eat the biscuit.

  • We did circle jerks with 4 or 5 guys when I was younger as well. I had sucked off couple of the guys before but they did not know about each other and never mentioned it during the circle jerk so I figured they did not want anyone else to know they let another guy suck their cocks. I wish they had so that I could have sucked them all off!

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