My mom's great body

To me her body is perfect, I mean model/movie star quality. When I was fifteen I first became aware of my interest in checking her out without being noticed. I also started thinking of my mom sometimes when I jacked off. Now I'm eighteen, my cheating dad gone, my sister out of town, last weekend was my best chance. Saturday night we watched a movie. I moved the loveseat perfectly in front of the big screen like a movie theatre while my mom made some popcorn.

Before my mom came into the living room, I jokingly selected an adult movie from our cable pay-per-view. I apologized for my mistake, but to my surprise she said, "Adult movies are more expensive, and we already paid for it, so we might as well at least check some of it out." We sat on the loveseat watching the movie and I noticed right away my mom's hand was rubbing her shorts. Her breathing was faster and deeper, and occasional whimper escaping her lips.

The movie and my mom, made me horny so I started rubbing my erection over my shorts. I glanced over at my mom and she was staring at me smiling. We both knew we wanted each other, even if it was wrong. We made out like high schoolers as I felt the weight of her tits in my hands. I began kneading them like I'd always wanted, they felt so warm and firm. We began moaning into each others mouths. My mom broke our kiss saying, "Let's go to bed."

Skipping ahead, I couldn't believe my dream was coming true, naked in bed with my mom. I pulled back the covers so we could perfectly see and admire each others bodies. For the first time I looked directly at my mothers naked tits and it made my cock jump. I had wanted them for so long, and now they were mine. I looked into my mom's twinkling eyes, her smiling face, as I moved the head of my cock to the opening of her wet womb.

Just then my dad burst into the room and we began to tussle. I gave as good as I got and finally just went to my room. My dad and I aren't speaking right now, and it's even hard for me to talk to my mom with him around. Things are so tense I'm taking my mom to a motel so we can fuck like we both want.

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  • Is there really that many guys having sex with their moms? Or Is this site called fantasy posts ?

  • It does happen more than people like to admit. It something that people like sweep under the carpet. I have been lucky enough to have sex with my mom. We were having sex frequently about 6-7 times a week. Mothers and sons are normally close to one another and it's only natural for that closeness to turn into sex sometimes. I'm not saying all mothers and sons are having sex but the possibility is always there. I can almost guarantee out of mother and son relationship at least one of them is sexually interested in each other.

  • I was 19 when I fucked my mom. When my dick went in her pussy I couldn't believe I was really fucking her.

  • Isn't it the most amazing feeling? Everyone should experience family sex at least once. I would recommend it completely. It is sex super charged!!

  • And way way younger too.

  • Why too young? 19 isn't too young at all.

  • No, start younger...

  • I have wanted to fuck my mom since I was 15. Not because she is my mom but because she has a great body. It developed over time before we got to the point of fucking. I'll never forget sliding my cock into my moms pussy for the first time. I was sucking on her nipples as I fucked her making her moan loudly. She was not my mom anymore she was a body that I wanted fuck so much.

  • I know what you mean about having a mom with a great body. I feel guilty because she is my mom but I want to fuck her. I think of her often when I jerk off.

  • Why do you feel guilty?? This is normal and very common

  • I'm pro incest but you shouldn't do stuff behind your dad's back. Perhaps you should have a family meeting and see if your dad can be convinced that it isn't a bad thing. Hopefully once your dad has got over the shock he may become more open minded.

  • My dad has nothing to be upset about because he cheats on my mom. Plus I've seen him checking out my sister. I know if he had the chance he'd be banging her too.

  • Perhaps you and your dad could double team your mom?? I'm sure she would say no

  • Try to convince her though, eiffel tower her

  • I understand but perhaps he is ok with the whole family sex thing so best to talk about it.

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