A Chance Meeting 2

I got a call from my friend Steve with some startling news. I couldn't believe it, Elaine was fucking Brian Matthews. It was hilarious. That motherfucker was practically a Marsupial. He was built like a kangaroo. He had a really tiny upper body, and a huge almost womanly ass, and a big gut. Then to top it off, he had a long pointy nose and an overbite. I'm no where near being a stud, but I'm a lot closer than he is. The thought of them rolling around in bed together would be comedic, if my heart wasn't breaking.

The rumor about Brian was that he'd married his sister because he and his wife looked so much alike. Well, fuck Elaine, Brian could have her. There was no way I intended to try and stand in the path of true love. She could spend the rest of her fucking life sneaking around with that walrus, because there was no way I would ever take her back. If she was cheating on me while we were still engaged and madly in love, who knows what she'd do once we were actually married and I couldn't just walk away.

My momma didn't raise no stupid kids. This is over, I thought. As a matter of fact, thanks Brian, for letting me know what I was getting into. Elaine called me two or three times a day, and I didn't answer or call her back. When I got home from work Elaine was waiting in my apartment.

"Calvin we need to talk" she said.

"Elaine I don't want to talk to you right now, I don't want someone who cheats on the man she's supposed to marry."

"But Cal, that's why I'm here."

"It's too late Elaine," I told her.

She started crying, and telling me it was a mistake.

"It's too late Elaine, it's over," I told her.

Wanting a change to help with the breakup, the next day after work I went and looked at the apartment I found on the internet. I liked the building and the neighborhood, and of course the apartment itself, but the greatest of the fringe benefits didn't reveal itself until after I'd put down my security deposit.

As I was leaving the building, I turned and almost knocked down a woman carrying an armful of bags. As I grabbed her to prevent her from falling or dropping her bags I looked into those incredible blue eyes again.

"Thanks Cal," she said.

"No problem, Noelle," I replied.

"Are you and your fiancé, thinking about moving in," she asked.

"We broke up," I said sadly

Was I mistaken or did her smile get a little bigger?

"Oh, that's a shame," she said, "If you need someone to talk to, you can always call me."

"Why don't you come up to my apartment, so I can give you my phone number," she continued.

I was in heaven and hell at the same time. The woman I had always fantasized about was clearly putting the moves on me.

"Noelle, for most of my life, I would have given anything to go out with you," I continued, watching her smile grow larger. "But what I need right now, is a friend. So if you're interested, in that, please call me," I said and I gave her one of my business cards. It only had my work number on it, but if she called me there I could give her my cell number.

Noelle and I became an item. We had a lot of sex, and I learned a lot of things, about myself, women, love and life in general. On the surface it seemed like I had it all, I had the hot, beautiful, girl on my arm; I had gotten rid of the cheating girlfriend. What could be better? That night Noelle gave me what has to be the worst blow job in history. It was so bad that I had trouble not laughing. I know most of us have heard the expression there's no such thing as a bad blow job; take it from me there is.

Then she took her clothes off, and lay down beside me on the bed. She pulled her legs apart and just stared at me. It was like fucking a blow up doll. The ones' without the voice track. She just lay there and smiled. We did one position, missionary, and that was it; after I came she rolled over and told me she loved me. How can she I thought; she doesn't even know me.

Noelle just laid there during sex, smiling at me with that vapid fucking smile. She didn't even move and her fucking hair wasn't even mussed afterward. Just between the two of us, I swear she sometimes just checked out mentally while we did it, and unfortunately we did it a lot. It was just plain boring and fucking silent.

Noelle had an absolutely perfect body, she could have been a playboy center fold, but the thing that amazes me even now is that her body once you've seen it just doesn't excite you. It's like that first time you sneak and take the clothes off of your sisters Barbie doll, or a statue, it's technically so perfect that it loses something. Two days later I found out that Noelle was pregnant. She wanted us to get married and stay together forever.

Just think about it. I'm trapped into marrying the girl I'd always dreamed of. I'd broken up with Elaine because she had cheated on me and I hated cheaters in every way shape and form. Noelle would never cheat on me, though by God I wished that she would. But I could never leave with her. I couldn't abandon my child under any circumstance, but would I cheat on Noelle? Would I the person who hated cheaters with a passion violate my marriage vows for illicit sex? I hope not, but only time will tell.

3 months ago

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    • Try talking to her and improve your sex life together.

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