Anniversary Gift Backfires

My wife was a virgin when we married and she has frequently mentioned how she wished she had more sexual experiences before we married. She has had opportunities, but has yet to take anyone up on their offer. In particular, there was a co-worker that frequently hit on her and they made out a few times, but he never closed the deal.

A few weeks before our tenth anniversary she started talking about him again, which sparked an idea, but I would have to navigate COVID-19 and distance challenge as he lives halfway across the country. I went ahead and reached out to him and we devised a plan.

He agreed to get tested and share results of a COVID test and if he cleared, he would visit for a weekend. The plan was for my wife and I to have dinner at a restaurant that was adjacent to a downtown hotel and he would be sitting at the bar. Friday morning he sent the negative test results and boarded the plane.

That night we went to dinner as planned. Just after our food arrived, I excused myself to the restroom, which was his queue to walk over to the table. I waited about five minutes and as I walked to the table they were clearly flirting. We exchanged pleasantries for about 20 minutes, when he excused himself to return to his room. My wife was obviously disheveled from the experience.

I ordered another round of drinks and then asked her about seeing him. She commented on how great he looked and wished he would have stayed longer. That’s when I told her.... he came he to spend the night with her. She blushed and was surprised, but definitely did not say no. In fact, she was up for it. I retrieved the overnight bag I had packed to her and put her in the elevator spend the night with the guy she’d been thinking about for years.

That was last night. I have spoken with her this morning, but instead of getting the details, I learned they both woke up not feeling well and they went to a nearby clinic and both tested positive. Their symptoms are light and they have decided to quarantine together for 7 days and test again.

Not sure what it looks like from here, but my wife says she is catching up on lost time.

8 months ago

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    • I really didn't know my wife Lynn was a rich guy fucker till 5 years after we were married. I worked part time at a store near her church. She went twice a week, in the choir. She is hot as fuck even in her nun like church dress. Figured she wasn't going to be easy. On our first date it was like being out with a nun. She talked about literature and history. Here's the crazy part. In front of her house the goodnight kiss is a blowjob. 2nd date she picks me up in her hot Z28 (her Sugar Daddy from college bought her) - but nothing but BJ for 3 months. . Late 20's we're on vacation, having drinks outside by a yacht club. A guy needs help docking his 55' Amel and Lynn does cartwheels to help him. Grabs the ropes and ties them to the dock. She somehow knows what fuck she's doing. I soon find out it's not her first rodeo. She knows about this place, her SD had a yacht here. Bob invites her on the yacht, I tag along. He invites us for a 2 day sail.
      a month later she goes to confession, part of her penance is to tell me she fucked Bob and ask for my forgiveness. I put her in the doghouse for a month and made her get STD tested by her OBGYN and tell her why.

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