Wife Felt Up at Club

My wife has always expressed fantasies about making out with a stranger, but always too timid to really give it a go. We were at a club one night just grabbing a couple of drinks together, and she made an idle comment about a gentlemen across the room being a young cutie. I parked it in the back of my mind for a few minutes. Next time he headed towards the bar, I excused myself to get us another round and met him there.

I told him my "friend" thought he was attractive, and offered to buy him drinks to go chat with her. He looked a little unsure, but agreed. After receiving the drinks, I pointed him to the booth where we had been sitting together. He went over, said a couple of words, and slid into the booth.

I had no idea how this was going to go so gave it a couple of minutes. Then I ordered myself a drink at sat down at the bar. After about 20 minutes I did a quick walk by to see if they were still together, and they looked to be chatting. After another 20 minutes I did another pass, and they were in embraced with my wife's chin on his shoulder and arm around his back. His hand looked to be on her chest cupping a breast. I just smiled happy this was working out for her.

I gave it another 30 minutes for her to enjoy before taking another pass. This time she was just laying her head back and eyes closed with him sitting close beside her. First I thought she had fallen asleep from the drinks. But then I noticed she was nibbling on her tongue and rocking her head a little. It took me a minute but then realized it looked like his other hand was between her legs under the tablecloth. I watched her for a moment taking it in.

I went and sat back down. A little while later, I saw him get up and went back over with her. She gave me to biggest kiss ever, and then took my hand and ran it up her leg. Her panties were soaked with wetness.

1 month ago

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    • My wife Jill and I on our 3rd date went for a ride in the country. We stopped at this cool country bar. We were playing shuffleboard on this long 20' table, another couple joined us. Anne was next to me, Bill next to Jill. Bill could have been on the cover of Cowboy Magazine. They seemed nice. Too nice. Bill and Jill are flirting, but so are Anne and me. It's a hot summer day and Jill has big tits almost out halter top on. Game over and Bill challenges Jill to a came of pool -- in a separate room. Anne says I'll buy you a beer. Half hour goes by Anne says she going to check on them. She comes out holding Jill's halter top. "Sun's out, tits out, Bill got another smitten College Girl's." Soon Jill comes out holding her big tits, running for the door barefoot. I meet her in the parking "I never been so busted.-- sorry" We're in my low riding Corvette convertible -- cars a beeping their approval. I give her 5 miles of punishment, give her my shirt, then fucked her madly at home. Years later she said it was probably a game them 2 played, because they could -- and he was fair game, we were still seeing others. Naughty, bad date manners, but fair.

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