A private party that changed our lives.

We are a married couple and have been married for 48 years. My wife was a 16 year old virgin when we married and when she was 39, she had a hysterectomy and on night, when she was 42 and we had been married for 26 years, we went to a private party at a friend's apartment. Everyone brought their own drink and my wife loves margaritas, so we took margarita mix and tequila for her There were about 7 or 8 couples there and everyone was having fun, dancing, listing to music and just talking. As the night getting late, my friend's girlfriend left early, because she had to work the next day. Later, other couples started leaving, so now long afterwards, my wife and I realized that we were the only couple still there, so when we started to leave, my friend asked us to stay a while longer. I hadn't drank much, but thought it wouldn't be bad to just wait awhile longer before driving home. My wife said that since we were staying, I could mix her another drink, so I went to the kitchen and made her another margarita, but this time, I went a little heave with the tequila. She wasn't drunk, but she was feeling very good. The 3 of us were sitting around, chatting and listening to music, with nothing out of the way taking place. A little later, my wife excused herself to go to the bathroom and all seemed to me normal. She was gone for a few minutes and to my surprise and my friend's surprise, here she came, dancing to the music and wearing only her panties and bikini panties. Damn, I didn't not get the least bit upset, but it really turned me on seeing my friend seeing her with so little on.. She got in the middle of the floor, still dancing and soon turned her back to us, unfastened her bra and swung it round and round over her head a few times and then threw it across the room. Damn, those 36D's look awesome and she danced of to the recliner where I was sitting, leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss. My friend just said, ''Gosh, my woman's not here and I'm missing out", so I told my wife to go over and give him a little kiss to. Oh, I was so turned on with this taking place.. She walked over and leaned over the arm of the couch and started kissing him, but I soon realized that the kiss was really lingering on, so I got up, walked over behind her and pulled the back of her panties down a little. She continued kissing him, so I pulled them down to about mid thigh, but the kissing continued, so I pulled them all the way down and realized that she knew what I was doing, because she lifted each leg so I could remove her panties, but she was still kissing my friend. I think he had been fondling her tits and now probably fingering her p****. She soon came to me and asked for her panties, but I tossed them to my friend and told him to hide the. He stuck them down the front of his pants, so she went over and said she would get them.. Oh gosh, she looked so hot, but she started trying to get her hand down his pants, but couldn't, so she unfastened belt and then unzipped his pants. She soon turned and gave me a pitiful look and said that she couldn't leave him like that.. Yes, she found his hard c*** and wanted it.. To make a long story shorter, the three of us ended up in his king size bed and when I say her take his hard c*** in her hand and guide it into her super wet p***y, I thought I was going to shoot my load.. Well, she finished him off and each of them went to separate bathrooms to clean themselves and she returned and gave me some of the hottest sex ever. After we finished, we cleaned ourselves and I got dressed and went into the living room and told my friend to go back and give her a little more, so I stayed in the living room while he f****d her for his 2nd time.. Needless to say, it was about daylight when we got home. That was the beginning of our open relationship and it definitely was not planned. I am now 49 and my wife is 47, so we have been at it for about 5 years and so far, my wife has been with 18 different men, some that are married and cheating and I've been with1 14 different women. Yes, she's come a long way from being the virgin I married at age 16 and it's made our sex life together very much better and our marriage much stronger. It's not something that anybody can do, but ithas beeen fabulous for us..

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    • My 32 yr old SoCal wife got drunk with buddie and I. Agreed to show him her new Xmas panties I'd bought her. She handed them to him - he said, "Could you model them for us?"
      She did. Wearing only the panties and a shorty T-shirt to her belly button.
      They danced slowly forever! melted against him....feeling his hard-on.
      We talked her into strip-poker. ....she's only wearing 2 things! so bud and I stripped down to our underwear and one sock!
      She lost 1st hand, stood up and surprised us by pulling down her bikini panties and tossing them to him! Stood there with her glistening dark furry triangle on display.
      They danced again when both were naked. she put his dick between her legs into her fur "because it was awkwardly poking" her belly! They dry-humped for a long time ...dancing.
      She came over and sat on me, kissed me deeply. I told not to neglect our friend. She asked if he'd mind.
      He didn't mind at all....so she straddled him.....they deep kissed and she moved his dick with her hand.....and sat full down on it.
      She was on the pill - so she rode him until they both came! Then lay on the couch and motioned me over to her as she put one leg up on the back of the couch. I noticed that he jerked off while watching us.
      Later she came down wearing only the bikini panties - made us breakfast before he left - with a nice long kiss goodbye as he squeezed her butt hard!

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