I should have gotten out of bed

We finally finished building our cabin by the river, so we decided to throw a big party for everyone that helped. Lots of food and alcohol, played some games I believe everyone was having a great time. Later in the evening as most of the people were leaving we encouraged many of the guys that were to drunk to drive to stay telling them we could give them blankets and sleeping bags to sleep in the living room. Then I got a call from my managers wife saying that he was very sick and she didn't think he would be able to make it to open the store in the morning. So of course I excused myself and went to bed I was hoping to get enough sleep and rest where I would be able to function the next morning. I could hear people partieing still but then it got quiet. I was fading in and out when I started hearing my wife giggling and some muffled voices. I was wondering what was going on but I was trying to sleep so I stayed in bed. About 30 minutes later something woke me. I immediately noticed she was not in bed so I got up and went to the bedroom door as I opened it I could definitely hear the sound of very aggressive sex ( I don't know how else to explain it ) I stepped out and looked over the railing to see one guy walking by completely naked , he was carrying a beer. My heart sunk I went back into my room and turned my phone on to view the house cameras that were installed. I sat on the edge of my bed watching men use my wife sexually. It was like something out of a 80s porn movie. Although I have asked her many times and in many different ways what happened after I went to bed she still has never told me the truth. Since the party she has been very tentative to me and out of the blue will call me just to say that she loves me. So I tried to put it behind me. I just can't get the images out of my head and afraid to say something in fear of causing a major fight or worse.

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  • Very hot I can actually see you sitting there in your room as your wife gets pounded. I'm hard as hell thinking about it

  • Dude you have to confront her on it and have her face the music. Whatever comes of it is all her doing so let it fly. Kick her ass out of the house, to the curb, down the street. Of course, you are no longer friends with any of those guys since they did you over but good. Time for you to get on with your new life.

  • I just don't have the balls, I don't know what to do. I feel like she's fucking them while I'm at work.

  • Wait... your wife was gang banged in your own home by your own friends, and you do not want to say anything for fear of causing a FIGHT? What is "worse", second degree murder? If not due to this situation, under what circumstances are you entitled to have a fight? Couples fight, what are you afraid will happen?

  • I'm embarrassed and worried about the whole thing. I feel like maybe it was just the alcohol or something. We're normally really good with each other and spend alot of time together. If she was to leave me or whatever it would hurt more than what has happened.

  • Grow a set of balls and get a spine, don't be a pussy ass wimp cuck. The guys have no respect for you and neither does your wife, alcohol or not. Give her an ultimatum to go then follow through on it.

  • Wish I had the balls

  • How many men were there? These men are all your friends?

  • In the morning when I left for work I could see 8 men most of them I've known for awhile

  • So you just sat there jerking off as they fucked your wife. I feel like you need to know that you are a cuckold. Were you jacking off while this was happening

  • I didn't need to jerk off

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