Covid cuck

So a few days before the lock down back in march, my wife dropped a bomb on me. I had just gotten back to the store with groceries and supplies and was prepared to shut us down for a good while. Then she said, "Is it ok if Mark stays with us during the lockdown?" I said, "Your boss? What happened? He have something bad happen?" She said, "Well, nothing bad happened to him." I said, "Why would he want to stay here?" She said, "Well, because there is an issue. You may get mad." I said, "Why would I get mad about Mark having an issue?" She said, "I've been sleeping with Mark for about 6 months now." I said, "6 months? How?" She said, "The overtime i've been getting. It's to go home with mark for sex." I said, "Every time?" She said, "Yes. Everytime." I said, "Uh, that was like 3-4 times a week." She said, "Yep. It sure was." I said, "So when you kept telling me no when I wanted to have sex..." She said, "I had just had sex with mark that day." I said, "And when I noticed you were very wet when we did?" She said, "Sloppy seconds."

I didn't say anything. I pictured the two of them having sex. Her sucking his dick. Him eating her pussy. Him fucking her doggy style and cumming in her pussy. She said, "Say something." I said, "Well, I did very much enjoy it when I got to have sex with you and you were wet." She said, "What about now that you know that the wet was his cum?" I said, "I still find it sexy." She said, "So, he can stay?" I said, "If I can watch and jack off while he fucks you." She said, "I'm ok with that." I said, "And I want to do a threesome." She said, "Hmm. That sounds kinda sexy." I said, "I want to suck his dick before it goes in you." She said, "That sounds kinda gay." I said, "No. Gay would be me wanting him to fuck me...which I wouldn't say no to if he happened to do it." She said, "We will see." I said, "How did this start?" She said, "I wanted a raise. He had been flirting with me a lot. I told him I would do it if he was bigger and better than you." I said, "I assume he is?" She said, "He's not better at eating pussy. Better at lasting longer so I can cum more. He is much bigger." I said, "How much?" She said, "Probably 4 inches." That wasn't saying much. I'm only 4.5 inches long.

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    • How did it go then?

    • He stayed with us from 3rd week of March till almost June. A couple of 3somes. I did suck him off a few times when the wife went out for essentials. They fucked like bunnies.

    • Excellent

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