Tragedy brought us together

My Ex-Step son recently passed away, my Ex lives approximately 4 hours away, my kids and I decided to drive down to see how the family was doing.. But it didn't take long before i was in bed with my Ex-Husband again. I am currently seeing someone, nothing serious yet. To make this short for the next two days helping with funeral arraignments I found myself closer to my Ex, at least sexually. The funeral wasn't for another week, we went home. When we returned for the funeral, I found myself back in my Ex's bed. I'm pretty sure my daughters knew. Lately I've been very distant with the man I've been seeing, I hardly text him anymore, I'm just texting my Ex, and traveling to be with him when not at work. I just recently returned from a mini vacation with my Ex, the death hit us pretty hard, we needed time to getaway. That evening the other man I was seeing came over since we haven't seen each other in about a month, and we had sex but all I could think about was my Ex.

1 month ago

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