Wife's business trip

I found out that my wife cheated on me in Chicago last weekend. She met a married man in the hotel bar. Closed the bar down and went back to her room.

He licked her pussy and then she tore off his pants and fucked him, without a condum. She turn over and did him doggy style until he came in her. She blew him to get him hard and they fucked more. He came a second time. She offered her butt but he didn't get the hint.

After she told me I fucked her many times until we got in a fight. Found out she was talking with him via email and phone. She agreed to stop talking to him. I sent him a email. I think he is afraid of his wife finding out.

I don't care if she fucks someone on a trip but no talking after.

What would you have done?

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  • My wife travels at least twice a month for her company. We made an arrangement a long time ago that there will be only one rule in our marriage when it comes to sex. No secrets. She openly tells me about everyone she has sex with. She has sex with someone on almost every trip she goes on and I'm fine with it. I love to here the details while we reconnect in bed.

  • I have no problem with my wife fucking other guys that way she can't get pissy with me when i fuck another woman. Fucking no problem an affair would be an issue.

  • My wife also was in chicago when she met her bf. She texted ti askmy opinion if she should go for it. I told her definitely. She has my permission on any trip as long as it stays on the trip and i hear all the juicy details

  • Yes , fuck but no connections after that

  • It just is what it is guys . being jealous will end any relationship and this a well known fact . sex is just sex no matter who it is with . full open and honest communication is the key factor to any thing working . I don't care what my wife does , she is only human and as humans we all have hidden desires . I accept he independence with out question and we tell each other any thing and every thing . so good luck in the years ahead .

  • If my wife cheated in a manner like that, she would be out on her ass. However, if she let me know first, it would be different. As long as I am participating in some form it would be okay.

  • You obviously enjoyed hearing how she got fucked. I like fucking my wife as she tells me how she had sex with other men.

    It is unsafe to let her have direct communications with the man. This can lead to your wife leaving you for someone else. All men that fuck my wife go through me. I choose the men and I have their email addresses and phone #. I stand beside the bed and watch as the men fuck her. We keep the lights off and my wife doesn't really see their faces.

    Of course I never invite a man over that makes more money than me, which is like 2% of the men out there<-- just kidding.

  • My wife fucks other guys on trips every time she goes, and she goes at least twice a month as part of her job. She knows I know she cheats. It doesn't bother me since when she is gone, I fuck other women, and she knows that too. It's a great arrangement and keeps things from becoming dull and boring.

  • I'd divorce the bitch. Do you want VD or do you want to support someone elses child?

  • Depends on the girl and how much I love her/want her to myself, otherwise I'd LOVE it if some other guy fucked her & she later told me about it too. I love to hear, makes me cum tons knowing she's sucking on someone else's dick. But yeah, they shouldn't have communication after - that's wrong.

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