Wife's past

During a very sexual and sordid sex session with my wife as I was tonguing her pussy and arse, she admitted to me her ex used to really enjoy going down on her, after she'd had sex with other men.
I told her he was a cuckold then. To my utter surprise, my wife then said "Maybe you should be my cuckold now".
I thought she was joking, so I didn't give it too much thought afterwards.
About a month later with her sat on my face, rubbing her clit hard onto my tongue, I thought about what she'd said. The reason being she tasted different.
Giving myself a breather, I asked my wife if she'd been with another man.
Without pause my wife told me she'd been having sex with a young guy at work, and his larger cock drove her wild.
She stayed perfectly still as she said it, but then sank down and smothered my face with her cunt. Telling me as she literally rode my face, that I could either like it, or leave, I carried on licking out her holes and knew our relationship had just changed.
Her young lover is only twenty two and most weekday evenings, I now get to lick and tongue his cum from her pussy and arsehole.
Once this Covid virus has gone, I'm apparently going to be licking it fresh from her cunt, as he'll be fucking her in front of me.

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  • You are so lucky.

  • Wish my wife would open up like that

  • Hot. How old is your wife right now? She works in an office environment? Restaurant? Warehouse?

  • Don’t do it!
    Inside after he fills her pussy with his cum, you fuck her. Pump your cum inside of her also, then call me over and let me clean her up.

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