Not cheating

My wife and I were talking after sex and she asked me if I remembered fucking her after her boyfriend had finished in her. I said that I did and it was the best sex we ever had. She and I started dating while she was still having sex with the guy that had taken her virginity but she wasn't happy with him anymore and she accepted when I asked her out for about the fourth time.
She asked me if I wanted to fuck her after someone had just come in her. I said that I did and asked her if she wanted to have sex with the first guy again. She said that she actually wanted to date a guy at work that had asked her out. She told him that she was married and he told her to ask her husband if it was okay. I told her that it was okay with me as long as I got to fuck her as soon as she came home.
My wife asked me if she could bring him home after the date and then I could watch them having sex and I could fuck her right after her had. I agreed and she went out with him last Friday night and came home at 11 pm and I watched him fuck her on our bed. Then I took my turn and quickly came inside her and then he fucked her again. Then he left and I fucked my wife again.
They are out on a date now and I will be fucking my wife after watching another man come inside her. I love how sloppy and wet she feels when I slip my cock into her. It is not cheating when I get to watch and then fuck my wife with his come inside her.

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  • I suspected my wife was cheating after she would get home drunk and be in the mood. She would waste no time getting naked and climb into bed and wake me up. I would quickly enter her and just as quickly make my deposit and pull out. She didn't care as she was so wasted and would soon fall asleep. One thing I did notice was when I entered her she was very wet,not just horny wet but very slippery and sloppy and if i lasted longer on a some occasions when I pounded her,her pussy made that sloppy fuck sound.

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