House wife and COVID-19

I am in my 30's. i have been married to my husband for 10 years. i have no experience having sex with others.
i have noticed lately that my husband sex drive is dwindling. i tried to find excuses for it.
i arrived at the conclusion that i am not getting sex nor he can get hard erection.
Few days ago my next door neighbor asked me if I am interested in new clothing she received as a gift and they don't fit her.
i said to myself why not?. i am at home alone anyway. on Thursday, she called to make sure that i am committed.
so i went to her home to see the clothing. she was dressing casual short short and short top.
i asked her if i can try them for fitment. she ushered me to her bedroom as the mirror is there.
i am used to be naked and i don't wear a bra or underwear all the time. I feel comfortable that sometimes i forget, i did not think twice.
she followed me upstairs.
i am sure she saw what is under my skirt.
i entered the bedroom and grabbed a shirt. As i took off my top, she was staring at my nipples. they were rosy and erect.
we laughed without saying anything. i did not button the shirt yet.
then I wanted to try the skirts she has and that is when i remembered i had no panties. So i tried to give her my back to give myself privacy.
I felt her hands touching me, i could hear my heart beat. then she touched my kitty, which started throbbing's. i felt like earthquake.
without talking, i fall on her bed and she started eating my kitty, then she crawled on top of me naked, kissing, sucking my nipples and grinding me. I could not resist for some reason . I felt her mouth and hands all over me.
i could not resist even if i want to.
i got hot so much and started moaning. She kept going faster then softer until i orgasmed. she felt my cum with her finger and made her kitty touch mine. we laughed of joy. she noticed my approval and hunger for sex.
then she tripped me with a innocent laughter.
and I started Cumming the second time. never happened before for me to cum twice.
we kept giggling like kids. then we faced each other and i started crying of joy. she wiped my tears and kissed me.
we hugged what it seems for ever. i felt she appreciate me. we did not talk much.
i turned around took the gifted clothing and left. i liked it and i felt a new joy coming my way.
after i went home, she called me to ask how i felt and if i like to do it again. She assured me that it is our secret.
i promised her to call back so we can play again.
i want to find my husband plans first before we meet again.

9 months ago

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    • Build your network of horny house wives. You will bond will be stronger when having something to share.

    • Have you met again? Please give us update… I’m so hard waiting hehehehe!!!

    • F the husband , he's sounds useless .

    • I believe most women are at least Bi even if they don`t know it

    • That’s so amazing go for it again so enjoy it joy honey it’s u secret of u and u neighbor

    • I am jealous. I would love to be a woman. You have so much fun

    • NICE

    • Go for it

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