I'm in the military and instruct cadets. My wife keeps me locked in a chastity cage which can make the job difficult at times. Whether it being physical activity or because of the countless beautiful college age girls walking around. I find myself trying to get hard at terrible times. Such as when a girl would walk into my office to ask me a question. I sometimes get distracted and imagine just bending her over the desk and using her till satisfied. this in turn causes a grimace on my face as i strain to get hard but cant. One evening i was changing to go home and was adjusting my cage because it was pinching me slightly. I heard a knock on the door and saw it open. I froze because i had thought i locked it and scrambled to pull my underwear on. By the time i did the door was wide open and she stood there. we made eye contact for second and she immediately started to apologize as she was closing the door. i got dressed and couldnt help but wonder how much she saw and if she knew what it was and if she would tell anyone. I never asked her about it, but thought at times i saw her smirk at me. she would walk by me closer than normal in the crowded hallways. i could just be paranoid as well. I do think if i didnt have this on i might try and persue a few of them.

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  • Grow some balls. WTF!!

  • My wife caught me cheating with a young girl from work, I had the choice to wear a cock cage and sexy panties 24/7 plus bra's, suspender's, stockings and heels while at home or face a messy divorce where she would get everything, not really a choice, she releases me every Sunday but cuffed behind for cleaning, shaving and all over shower plus teasing me to precum but no real release by orgasm, when she determines she will release me and pull me off and that is not often but I have to satisfy her with tongue, finger's and toy's whenever she likes, do most of the housework and yard work with cleaning the cars, fortunately she purchased a nice European plastic device with internal locking system, expensive but quite tight while being comfortable, discreet and suitable for long term use.
    I am getting used to my new life that began five months ago so think yourself lucky buster. Chastity would not be all that bad if you have not been caught cheating you of course can not be EH?

  • For the love of me I have never understood guys succumbing to locking there dicks up causing overt sexual tension. Maybe your wife did lock you up but your the one to allow it.

  • You should try it Buddy I am certain you would really enjoy it, I love the feeling of my wife being in control of our sex life I also have to be obedient and do a lot more around the house ensuring I always keep her happy otherwise the time between orgasms is lengthened

  • I did have a wife control our sex life. It sucked, it was frustrating and depressing. A near sexless marriage is not fun at fucking all! Thus the term Ex-wife.

  • Well she should lock you up in a cage. l Iooked and sounded young til I was too old. that is life dude. you'll go through it too.

  • I wonder if your wife is smart to lock you down or not so much for even having you.

  • I have never cheated, but maybe the humiliation of being seen by a pretty girl while locked up paired with not being allowed sex for periods of time would drive a guy to have stray thoughts.

  • Then lucky you have it on.

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