Do women know...

My mates mum is 47 and she is stunning looking, she has a figure to die for I love seeing her, she dresses really sexy, low tops always showing midriff and when she wears jeans you can see the top of her pubic line.
My point to this story is when she is wearing her gym leggings (the grey ones) she has them pulled up so high you really can read her lips, it’s not possible to not see them, surely if you was to look in the mirror you would see this and adjust!
She has such a big pubic bone area you’re eye sight is Immediately draw to it, I can only imagine her big puffy pussy lips.
Is she doing it on purpose, believe me she turns heads without needing to do this.
Can someone really not know what’s on show?

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  • Buddy's Mom popped my cherry on my 18th birthday. Judy was hot, 42 at the time. They had a pool and she let us boys swim nude since we were 10 or so. My dick took off when I was 13 or 14, was actually embarrassingly big to hanging out like that. The rest of me wasn't growing as much. By the time I was 16 the mockery was good-natured. Judy took note. She stated flirting with a year before and she knew I had a crush on her. For about a year she invited me on 8 mile hikes on a trial, Said she didn't feel safe without a guy. Then on my 18th birthday she offered herself. She took me between 2 cornfields and we did it twice. The first time I didn't last a minute. The 2nd time was awesome. Thought my dick went to heaven. She cam 3x, her 2nd one was scary and I stopped thinking she was having a medical issue. On the way back she gave my first blowjob. We had 4 more hikes like that. Her husband got suspicious.

  • Everybody likes to flaunt what they have to attract someone

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