She was always out of it

When I was in early teens it was just me and my mom at home, she was self medicating and drinking to top it off so quite often she was completely out of it. This was completely irresistible for me and I still look back on it feeling guilty but at the time it was happening I was a hormone crazy teen.
I still remember the first time something happened, we were watching television and she got up and told me she was going to change into her pajamas. She came back into the living room wearing a t-shirt which came down to about her knees but gave me a really nice outline of her boobs. She had stopped in the kitchen on her way and refilled her glass with ice and more liquor. I guess it was about an hour later when I noticed she was slurring her words and her coordination was really bad. The shirt had worked its way up quite a bit and half of her bum was exposed, I heard her snoring a bit later and got up to look under the bottom of the shirt. I could easily see right up between her legs at the mound of pubic hair and the lips of her vagina.
I knew she was out of it based on past experiences where she did not remember doing plenty of things, nothing sexual yet just other stuff. I reached right over to her breasts and began rubbing her nipples thru the material, it always amazed me that they would get erect even when she was so out. I played with them for like an hour that first night, pulling her shirt up in front of her so I could see them and playing with them under it.
This went on for months, I would just play with her nipples then one afternoon I came home from school and she was stumbling around and her eyes were half open. She had no idea I was even home as she walked right past me into the living room and sat down in her chair. I have no idea why but for some reason the thought of her giving me a blow job came into my head. I went to my room and got undressed then put on a pair of gym shorts, I came back to her and she was just staring at the tv. I was standing right next to her chair and I lowered my voice and using her first name told her to suck my cock. She just turned her head and after a few seconds opened her mouth right up and began doing it, she was drooling all over the place and I lasted like a minute from all the excitement. I looked down at her when I pulled myself back and there was drool and sperm sliding down her chin and onto her shirt. I sort of panicked and got a towel, I slipped her top right off and cleaned her up then got another shirt for her.
This first time was so exciting that about an hour later I refilled her glass and gave it a few more hours then got another one from her but this time when I felt myself cumming I pulled out and came on a towel.
I guess it was a few weeks later when I came home to find her slumped over on the couch, she was wearing panties and a t-shirt again and after playing with her nipples for a bit I decided it was time to get a good look and feel of her pussy. I slid off her panties and laid her back on the couch then spread her legs out, I remember thinking that it seemed really dry, she was in her early 40's at the time and I was pretty ignorant on women and sex. I must have played with her for half an hour when I started noticing she was getting moist and slippery, she had also made a few sounds but nothing really audible. I started slowly rubbing all around her lips and slightly inside when she started getting really wet, I was amazed at how it looked, I remember tingling all over as I explored. I think it was the third or forth time that I played with her I finally put my tongue on her, I could not believe I was doing it as I licked her up and down. I had no idea what to expect as her pubic hair brushed against my nose but after a while my face was soaked and I was loving it. I think that was the time that I came in my underwear from all the excitement of it. She never asked me once if I was doing anything to her but given her consumption of medications and alcohol I really do not think she ever remember anything I did to her. I sometimes had her sucking on me four or five times a day on the weekends, it truly was a teenagers dream come true.


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  • My wife sometimes takes an Ambien with her wine. Can be like sleep walking. NO inhibitions, VERY open to suggestions, and NO memory. Haven't shared her like this but thinking of letting a guy taste her pussy and cum on her like this. Here is a vid I have posted of her pussy when she took her Ambien. My email is if you would like to see more and perhaps hook up.

  • My friends mom was a drunk after the divorce. I felt horrible for her since the father left her for a 18 year old, and married her. The mom drunk every night after work to the point where she blacks out. We would sometimes have to help her up on the couch or back to her bedroom, half the time she was naked or wearing little night gowns with no panties. In the middle of the night I would sometimes sneak away and touch her, take a few pics, jerked off in her mouth, I played with every inch of her body, she was still gorgeous. One night my friend had his girl over and they were having sex and I slept in the living room, the mom comes out and says I guess they’re having sex, you wanna do it? Why should they have all the fun, and boy did we have fun, she was a wild women, she took me back to her bedroom. In the morning she woke me up told me to go back to the couch, later that day, she said we can’t tell anyone what happened, and since then she sobered up

  • All sex should be consensual

  • Teenage fantasy. Never happened. Relax scooter.

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