Shaved pubic hair

Could you please give me an idea of what percentage of guys shave their pubic hair ?
For about three years every Sunday my wife shaves my pubic hair and also other body hair, she stains my prick and nuts a bright gold with indelible ink usually giving two thick coats, I really think the colouring is now permanent but she still insists, I shave her and paint bright pink indelible ink on her so very cute pussy lips, looks so sexy after we dry we always have fantastic sex.

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  • I shave it all around my cock and balls. I touch it up every morning after I get out of the shower and then do a real close shave on the weekend. My old girlfriend started me on it because she said that she would start to gag when she sucked me every time her nose touched pubic hair. She gave better blowjobs once I shaved it all bald. I don't see her any longer but I still shave it all off and once in a while I get compliments from someone I'm with because they like it smooth and shaved. One girl thought it makes a cock look bigger if there's no hair there and she liked big cocks. Well, long ones anyway.

  • I like that my husband shaves his junk, but really, the paint thing is weird.

  • I shave my husband every other Sunday morning, after reading your post I have started staining his prick and nuts a very bright silver three coats easily lasts two weeks and I like the look bet he won't pull that thing out if anybody else can see it, how long will it take to stay stained permanently do you think ?

  • Well, you can be certain that it's a much higher percentage than those who have their junk painted gold.

  • Thank you , I am certain you are correct my wife asked around her work place and most of the young ones reported their guys shave but none that they stained their pricks and balls a few decided to try it and love the feeling of control it gives them over their men, one reported she started staining her man bright almost latex black and he would not stand at a urinal to pee so she is going to keep it up, the others liked it too.

  • I once painted my pecker black, in hopes it would make it bigger. Didn't work though, it's still just a pathetic little 8 inches long.

  • Darling 8 inches is perfect if it is only relatively thick and firm with an upward curve plus loose swinging balls, if that is you how can we meet ?

  • Why do want to know, are you writing a thesis ?

  • Nothing like that just stuffing around, the post is bullshit but some people like it.

  • Ffs people read the whole post. NOBODY is saying anything about shaving and grooming. We are discussing the fact he has a hideous painted flaccid knob. His wife's vaj is painted pink so it looks like she has the case of thrush. *shudders*

  • Your very rude, painted cocks, balls and pussies are so very sexy.
    Try it before you criticise.

  • Shut up we know it's you writing brownie fucker

  • Hey Buddy those tales about Brownie really stuck in your little brain didn't they ?
    Your really trapped on that hahahahaha
    What a goose you are.

  • No actually I just know who's writing what shit. When you've been on this site for as long as I have you know all the fake perv bastards

  • Your the cronic wanker that detest's straight cross dresser's as well aren't you, your really got a bur under the saddle haven't you, I think it's so wonderful that you can't shake it so funny must send you mad every day, your brain is so small you must not be able to concentrate on day to day life, HHHAAAAAAA

  • Including yourself I hope, arsehole. Go and have a tug clown.

  • What does that mean you little prick ?

  • Both my husband and I shave every Saturday, that indelible ink might add a bit to our sex life I think I will try that on him next time

  • I make my guy shave twice a week down there.

  • I am a whore and suck a lot of cock. I would say most guys seem to shave or trim their ball hair now (thank you); a few shave their pubic hair off completely, most trim it, the odd guy still lets it grow wild.

  • Thank you honest input xxxxx

  • I shave so its smooth...better for the woman...but no paint lol

  • Eww.

  • I keep the hair on my cock and balls trimmed pretty short. It just feels better to me that way. The paint wouldn’t be my thing though.

  • I am a mature prostitute, wanted something to keep me busy during the day and about three years ago my husband suggested it fortunately I have a regular group of customers that I service they are all (male and female) cleanly shaved, very polite and kind I would not see any of them without ensuring my pussy is shaved clean and with some makeup on particularly the inner and outer lips.
    If a new client is introduced I advise before we fuck that one of the requirements is clean and shaved with condom and cash up front most comply.
    Cannot stand bushy males or females

  • Thank you excellent comment xxxxx

  • Yeah I don't think anyone is saying anything about the trimming. That's a given.

  • Really sexy, by now I am sure your prick and balls would be stained permanently.

  • CAUTION !!!! Do not do meth and watch Goldmember ! Causes stupid sexual fantasies

  • Maybe for you , clown.

  • I trim my balls and taint. Clean and cool. Also feels good for sex and myself. Paint? I don't get it but if it;s a turn on who's to speak against it. do what you gotta do

  • Try glow in the dark it is so great.

  • Dear Lord you sound like a pair of titties. I can't think of nothing more of a turn off than a floppy painted knob. Get it together man.

  • The shaving I get. I like to keep trim. But what's up with the paint? That's a new one.

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