Roll back the clock

Years ago late 80s I was having sex so often with different girls I wish I could go back in time!
I was talking to my mate the other day and we started reminiscing about what we got up to.
Do you remember fucking that girl with yellow heels and what about the one with bleached hair, we both had her.
The pair of us went on for ages talking about the girls we had been with.
Looking back at pictures I looked an idiot, terrible hair and the worst dress sense you could imagine and no money.
Today I have a house, nice clothes a nice car good job savings in the bank a can’t get a woman!
Women today go into far to much detail about anything, you’re missing out ladies!

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  • The only thing you were having sex with is your hand. I get the problems with woman now...but no need to make up a fake backstory.

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