Naughty mom and daughter

I am a single mom of two, a boy 7 and a girl 9. this confession is not about actual sex with my kids but the things that I do when they are around,

I really don't know how to say it so I will just come out and say that I love the fact that they might hear me masturbate or see me having sex. when I have sex I will leave my door cracked just a little so if they just happen to be listening or walking by they can hear or see is such a turn on.

Also sometimes when I tuck them in I wear little to nothing while doing so.
I went to my sons room the other night when i heard a noise while i was totally naked.

I think I have been this way since I was around 15 or so..I remember I always wondered if my parents or little brother would hear me masturbate sometimes, I would try to be as loud as possible when I had an orgasm.
and sometimes I would even leave my room at night to walk through the house naked when i thought everyone was asleep. It was a big turn on then just like it is now..


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  • Have a 3sum with them

  • This mother is clearly great in bed. she would make her kids scream.

  • Love to visit you ! If you don't want to have sex with your kids , I would be happy to teach them (and you) a thing or two !

  • Like what?

  • I think it's hot

  • Is it just family members, or were you maybe in front of a window or 2 in the past hoping anyone would see?

  • Hot!

  • Why not bring them to bed with you?

  • Nothing wrong with that so keep doing it.

  • It is sexy

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