Getting back at my cousin

My cousin looked like a model. with that, she enjoyed stealing your boyfriends any time she wanted. she had long, thick hair past her waist and dressed like a whore which all the boys loved. before she knew it, she had pissed off a lot of girls. when you get girls together who she back stab her friends, she was asking for trouble. one night she drove up to a bar in her fancy van. we decided to give her a knock out pill in her drink. soon, she was starting to pass out and went to her van. as she got in, we followed her and saw she had passed out. we went and got a bag from the car and we entered her van. the 3 of us open the bag a grabbed the scissors and smiled at each other. we started to cut off her fancy clothes and putting them in a bag. we kept cutting her clothes off. only thing left was that thick ,long hair. i went to the bag and grab the hair clippers. we got goosebumps for what we were about to do. 2 girls held her up as i turn the clippers on. i began at her forehead and began pushing them though her thick hair. we put the hair in a bag. once i had a shaven part of her head, i switched off to the other girls. before we knew it, we shaved her head, cleaned everything up and left. we went back in the bar and suddenly, she open the van door and came out in some clothes she had in the van. everyone started to laugh at her bald head. she called the cops, but they came out and said no one saw who did this, good bye. most of the girls at the bar enjoyed seeing her new haircut. we sold her hair to a wig shop for a lot of money

5 months ago

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    • It is funny how some girls think they are the hottest and can steal your man in front of you. it is even worse when your man goes dancing with her. my closest friend did that to me. she thought this was funny. one night a few other girl who she stole there man, came by to give her a haircut. we handcuffed her and began to rip off all her clothes and grabbed the clippers and we began taking turns pushing the clippers though her hair. before to long, her hair was all gone. poor baby

    • It is funny how girls with waist long hair think they are the greatest and can steal your man. sounds like those girls had fun

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