Caught stealing money

We had a friend moved back home after 5 years. she looked like a model with her waist long thick hair and expensive clothes. after a couple weeks, we noticed that someone was stealing money from there dresser chest. our new friend has been spending lot of hundreds on a hair stylist on her hair. even her mom said she was missing money. not hard to figure out who is stealing. her mom is mad as hell about her . her mom decided to put a knock out pill in her drink while we were having dinner. soon she past out in the kitchen chair. her mom came back in to the table with a comb and scissors , i asked what is she going to do. she said what i always do to bad girls. she is going to get a pixie haircut for stealing my money. i warned her last week about missing money. she asked me to put her cut hair into a trash can. i was getting excited about this. her mom said she does not need to comb her hair, she grabbed a hand full of her 3 feet of hair and snipped it off. i put it in the trash can. we both were laughing as her mom quickly cut off her long hair. soon her mom grabbed the comb and cut her hair to 2 inches long. we cleaned up everything and carried to the couch. i held her up as her mom undressed her and put on little girls ruffle panties and we laid her down. her mom went into her bedroom and removed all her clothes and i helped mom put in new little girls clothes. the were jr. high style clothes. i took the suitcases to my car. soon she woke up and saw in a mirror her new pixie and her new ruffled panties. she slapped her mom for cutting her hair. mom grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over her knee and gave her a good and proper spanking for slapping her . i thought she was going to spank the ruffles off her panties. she began crying from being spanked so hard, her makeup was running off her face. know she stays at home in her little girl wal mart clothes. us girls love to stop by to see the princess in a pixie and pretty 10 year old little girl clothes.

Jul 16
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    • If your mom warned you about stealing money, and you continued stealing from your mom in your fancy clothes you bought back to home. showing off her long hair. she did what all moms would do to a stealing brat. my mom cut big sections out my hair while i was sleeping and woke me up to ask me what i did to my hair. mom left the scissors on the bed. it was bad to that your mom will have to fix it with a grin. but going to wal mart to buy you little girl clothes is the funniest thing. do not mess if mom

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