Husband brother, oh my

My husband brother stayed for four nights, on day two as I walked upstairs he was towel drying his hair with the bathroom door open, he was completely naked, I quickly turned round and started walking back down stairs, before I got to the bottom he said I won’t be long, as I looked back he was at the top of the stairs still naked and drying his hair, ok thanks I said.
Got to admit I’m still daydreaming about seeing him naked, he has a great shape body, nice tan and very well endowed (twice the size of my husband) I can’t imagine what size he would be when erected

10 months ago


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    • Don’t imagine, go and grab that cock and put it in your mouth and pussy till he cums inside you

    • Can we get a followup? Even if it's timid. Did you get to see him naked again? Did he "accidentally" see you naked? Did anything end up happening?

    • Still thinking about it , would love to hear your thoughts

    • When i first stayed over at my then girlfriends house she is now my wife in the 1970s, her family never wore clothes first thing in the morning and late at night before bed. My wife did try to explain that when her father was working away over the weekend that they never bothered with clothes. The first morning my girlfriend dragged me out of bed to shower with her, i was 19 and she was 16 so legal here in Wales. After showering i was suprised to see her mother completely naked waiting to shower. She was quite a thickly built woman with large tits and big nipples. My girlfriend had gotten me aroused and i was sporting an erection as my girlfriends mum walked by me and lightly touched my cock making me jump and my girlfriend laugh. My girlfriends two sisters were also walking around upstairs sorting their stuff out Both naked and although the youngest was 12 and her sister 14 both were displaying a nice set of boobs to be. The strangest thing was eating breakfast at the table completely naked and talking as though everyone including me were one big happy family. I later learned that her mother had taken a liking to me and she informed my girlfriend that she would like a ride on my dick if it was at all possible. My Mother-in-law passed away 8 years ago now and i miss her very much, but whenever there is a family gathering at Xmas i usually get to see my sister-in-laws naked and them me and my wife naked.

    • Our gang of family and friends have a no kids Beach House rental for a long weekend every Sept. The Townhouse is one of 6. Each house has only 1 shower, there is a 8 head outdoor community shower room and it's coed.
      Over 8 years bet I met 50 naked women in there. Our girls are worse than the guys. They later rate every man's penis they meet there. They still till talk about Fire Hose Bob from Philly 5 years ago. Wife and I don't cheat but tell each other everything. "I can't see Bob in me, in my wildest dreams I give him a blowjob."

    • I started avoiding my 5yrs boyfriend when i caught him red-handed cheating with a married woman in her matrimonial bed.I was able to track their location through GPS,thanks to cyber genius''hackingloop6@ gmail . com'' for helping me with a spyware that gained me remote access to his phone activities,i saw their text and time schedule,i caught him and he couldn't deny it.hackingloop is also reachable,if you partner's commitment is in doubt.

    • Girl......we had a pool party one night, somehow the drinks started flowing and everyone was having sex with their partners, I look over and there’s my bro in-law pounding out his girl friend, my hubby got on top of me and I just kept staring at my BIL, imagining it was me he was pounding, his girl was just getting louder, and the look on her face said it all. I’ve never slept with him, but I do fantasize about him

    • You should return the favor , you know he wants you , and just think how swollen and creamy your pussy is going to be , that's a good way to find out how big his hard throbbing cock is , enjoy his meat and your cunt , let him fill all your holes with his milk

    • Are you considering returning the favor , doesn't it make you feel wild thinking about it , let us know how you feel

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