Female passengers wandering hands!

I’m a taxi driver and I have this one female passenger that always feels me up! She’s not a real looker but I just let her do it anyway! She’s even given me the odd hand job while driving. The most recent one was on the way to pickup her boyfriend! Imagine how I felt knowing that 15 mins prior to picking him up, she had her hand wrapped round my cock covered in my cum! I dropped them off knowing they were planning to spend half the day at it.

She also like to listen to me jack off on the phone, and loves to know how many times a day I cum! She has recently started to give me one of her socks to cum in for her! Funny thing is she has no idea I love feet, so I’m more than happy to oblige! I usually get around 7 to 10 loads of cum in it before we swap for a fresh one, I do wonder what the does with them, this one time she swapped it with one she was wearing at the time, I watched her put on a sock that I totally drenched in cum!

It’s just fun, she knows that there will never be anything more between us, as I’m married.

9 months ago


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    • As a woman, I can confirm that there is nothing LESS appealing than the thought of walking around in a cold damp sock that every woman near me can smell is covered in C U M! For some evolutionary reason, we can smell it... maybe you guys cant, but we girls can! a LOT! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it when my boyfriend C U Ms in me, but that is b’cause I know he’s satisfied, and I did it! Same w/ B/J’s I love making him C U M, but once it’s out of him... it’s gross! Seriously it’s completely different when I know that he is having an “O”, I LOVE that. But on its own, separate from me satisfying him? No thanks, and I’m not alone, not even close! Girls talk too! And I’ve never met a girl/woman who likes the smell of c u m. Especially old c u m! So, I’m going to have to call BS on your story there! Even if there were no other reason... a sticky stinky cold damp sock all day? You expect any woman to believe that?
      Sarah N.

    • Think what you will, but this is what’s actually happening to me! I know it’s a rarity on this site, but this is a real one, unlike most of the BS!

      She’s happily wearing them, and on occasion we just swap for a fresh one, I like to think she gets herself off with them somehow.

    • What a load of shit

    • Wow

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