My New Pal!

It all started when I began sharing nude pics of my wife on a website for just that. I became friends with a man who is a truck driver , ( long haul man ). We both have very similar backgrounds. Grew up in families with religious back grounds. Our wives have very similar bodies, ( a bit on the tubby side ). Then at one point his wife died. We both had a desire to share pics and video of our wives naked and having sex. We also wanted to watch them fucking other men. But our wives didn't share the same fantasies as we did. My wife would listen and pretend to do so or at least tell me stories about fucking other men. His wife threatened to divorce him over him telling her he would like to see her fucking other men.

His wife stopped having sex with him because she just stopped wanting sex. My wife doesn't know I have shared pics and video of her naked. She would kill me. My wife had cheated on me not long after we were married with her first boyfriend. It went on for a year with me not knowing she was fucking around and me getting sloppy seconds. At least she still fucked me. Her old boyfriend has a larger penis than mine I guess that's why she did it. The thing is it really turned me on knowing she had been unfaithful. I told her how much I loved her and how much it turned me on. I wanted all the nasty details to their encounters. She told me some but not all. She at first told me that he was about the same size. But recently she confessed that he was well over 6 inches. I'm only 4.5 inches at best. This turned me on even more.

Back to my new friend the truck driver. We also exchanged pics of ourselves naked and even skyped a few times while jerking off. I found myself really wanting to see him fuck my wife while I watch. His cock is almost 7 inches long and nice and fat. He has a very sexy round ass also. After a while he asked if I would like to get together and meet. I said ok sure why not. When he was in my area he called when he stopped for the night. I found a local hotel and got a room. We first had dinner and then went back to the room. We watched video and shared pics of our wives at first.

I was having lots of fun and we both had gotten naked to masturbate watching each others wives. I loved watching his round ass pumping cock into his wife. Then I told him how that could easily look like my wife he was fucking. He agreed and we jerked off while enjoying the video. Then I asked if he would like for me to stroke him while we watched. I so found myself wanting to touch his penis. He said sure that would be awesome. So I knelt next to him on the sofa in the room and began stroking his big curved penis.

Oh man I was so enjoying touching him. He was really liking it and began moaning. Then I bent over and I began licking up and down his shaft. He ran his fingers through my hair and told me to suck on his big fucking hard dick. I did so and enjoyed it. I had never sucked any cock before but had fantasy about doing it. I sucked on cock and put his big balls in my mouth also. He ended up ejaculating in my mouth and I choked from all his cum. After that I asked him if he would like to fuck me.

He said absolutely after a short rest. But he wanted me to fuck him first. My cock was so hard I put it into his ass. He liked it but his rectum was kind of not so tight. He likes to fuck himself with some pretty large toys and has been doing so for a long time. My ass on the other hand is really tight. I have used a few penis shaped toys. One is like 6.5 inches , black and curved. The other one I bought with the wife in mind is over 8 inches and really fat. While my wife's pussy easily ate it up that fucker hurt my ass. It burned from stretching my hole. So I bent over and he put some lube on his cock and began fucking me.

It felt so damn good his big sexy curved penis sliding in and out of my tight hole. He ended up blowing his wad in my ass in short order. He pulled out and I licked the cum and ass juice from his cock. We now meet up about once a month and fuck and suck each others dicks. He really enjoys fucking my asshole. I love his cock so much. I would like for my wife to join in the fun and so would he. But I'm a bit afraid to tell her what I have been doing. I have been inventing stories telling her I had dream we both shared a cock together. She seems very turned on by this. But she thinks it's just a dream. I so want to watch him please her like he pleases me. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to share. I am at the realization that I'm bi sexual and enjoy both men and women.


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  • Sounds good.

  • Ya think? Six Days on the Road and Your Gonna Whack Me Off Tonight. Oh yeah absolutely wonderful. Hey I'm a long haul trucker and my wife just died about two years ago. Hey Davey is that you?

  • You taking little blue pills and your dick is stretched out tight ?

  • Stretch me out of whack trucker man. Yeah give me that sexy big dong up my slimy slew.

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