One of my deepest desires

I can’t get my boyfriends friend out my head. It sounds awful and disloyal because we been together for 4 years but I can’t help but think about him fucking me and never stopping. A part of me wants to talk to him and let him know this and see if maybe he’ll keep a secret but half of me just wants to keep the thought in the back of my head. My bf/childsfather is a mutual friend of his & they hang out with the same group but not often. I try to be around every time i know he’s going because i crave to see him. Just thinking about him gets my pussy throbbing. Help?????

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  • If you don’t think your boyfriend would agree to being fucked by him, then you should cheat. Your BF’s friend may even please you better.

  • Just give in to it ;) you only live once..

  • Have you ever just thought of bringing it up to your boyfriend instead of cheating on him?

  • I love it when my girlfriend talks about getting fucked by other men. She makes up stories and tells me how she got picked up at a bar and when out into the parking lot and got fucked. Just the thought of that turns me on

  • I agree

  • I've done that with a friend of my husband. Hes also married and weve been doing it for over a year now. He gives me the sex I crave!!!

  • I always wanted to do that but not sure.

  • I’m gonna try it soon...for real

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