Is something wrong with me

First of all I married my wife very young. She was still a teenager. I was in my 20s .I was the first guy that fucked her. She was about 23 when she cheated on me. I got mad as hell. We fought for about a month then she told me to move out. I did and got my own place. She moved him into are home. But she would come to me and fuck me all the time. This went on for about 4 years . She didn't want me fucking other women she kept telling me that she loved me. Then the next thing I knew she was fucking other guys behind his back. She would bring guys over to my place and ask if she could use the bedroom. A few times she had me join in with her and a guy. In the meantime she gets pregnant by the first guy she cheated on me with . Has me with her when she had the baby. And had me give the baby my last name. After that she still lived with him. And fucking me and any guy that walked. And it didn't matter to her white black or brown she would open her legs and mouth for them. The next thing I knew she wanted to move back in with me and try to work things out. We talked about everything she's done and she was begging me to come back. I let her come back. I don't know why. I still loved her. She continued to fuck other guys for about ten years after then she just stopped. Im not gonna lie she's a good fuck and she got better when she started fucking other guys. She would do anything a guy wanted. In any hole. I don't think of myself as a cuckold. I know people will call me that. It was fun fucking her with other guys. And i don't understand why she just stopped fucking other guys. We have a great marriage now and we don't fight about anything. I don't know if im fucked up in the head for staying with her or what. And no she isn't fucking guys behind my back she was always open with me about who she fucked. I just had to get this off my chest.

10 months ago


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    • Fucking Katie's hot Mom, apple didn't fall far from the tree.
      Was engaged to Katie 23 and found out she cheated and broke up with her. "I'm sorry, take me back, it was last fling thing -- lots of girls do it, live happily ever after -- I just got caught." bla bla bla she goes. 2 weeks later Mom (Joan) calls me up. She's heart broken, she loves you, please reconsider -- we didn't cancel yet." So I cave, almost. Katie has a strike 2. She went out with him again "I wasn't even cheating, you broke up with me." Strike 3 "you better hear this from me, drunk one night Bob and buddy spit roast me." You're out.
      About 6 months later Joan calls. I have a box of your stuff. I'd like to come over and make nice. I'm so sick over what she did. She really did make nice, I fucked her. And she was expecting that.

    • U shouldve left her

    • Sounds like she was an amazing hotwife! I'm sorry that ended.

    • You and a 100 others. Get in line.

    • I like to fck ur wife whole week with you if u give me a chance

    • Wtf

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