One of the best BJ's of my life

I was in a car accident when I was twenty and away at college about two weeks later I was transferred to a hospital closer to home and my parents told me with my rehabilitation the plan was to drop me out of college for the rest of the year and focus on getting me back to 100%.
I was home and still not able to walk on my own due to pins in my right shoulder and leg, I could do what I needed to do once I got there but getting there was the challenge. My Mom went back to work as soon as I was able to be sort of on my own for most of the day and our neighbor was going to come in around lunch time to check on me and get me lunch.
She walked into the house and asked me how I was doing, I had put on a movie that had a mature rating and was pretty raunchy to say the least, not x rated but a lot of boobs and ass showing. She happened to come into the house during a pretty naked scene of the movie and like an idiot when I heard her voice I quickly went for the remote and knocked it onto the floor of my bedroom. So before I could even try to do anything she was walking into my bedroom because the door was wide open. She asked me how everything was going and looked at the screen then back at me, I told her sorry about that but I dropped the remote next to my bed. She was smiling at me and told me well what else would a young man with nothing to do all day be watching. She reached down and grabbed the remote and handed it to me, I immediately hit the exit button and stopped the movie. I think she thought that was pretty funny as she went and made me a lunch. I heard her talking on the phone which undoubtedly my mother calling her to ask how I was doing. She was talking for a few minutes then told her she was making my lunch now and going to take it into him.
I found something more suitable to watch on tv and waited for my lunch to come, I heard her walking down the hallway and looked over at the doorway when she began coming thru it.
I about lost it when I saw what she had done, she had a tray in her hands with my lunch on it and had removed all of her clothes. She positioned the tray over my lap then asked me why I turned off the movie because she thought the theme today was naked girls doing silly things. I sat there staring at her completely shocked, I mean I had seen her in a bikini before but never totally nude. She laughed at me and asked me come on, I cannot be the first naked girl you have seen in your life I know a few of the girls you dated and some of the stories from them.
I went along with her completely after that and told her she was really gorgeous, more than I expected she would be without any clothes on. She laughed and told me I was being nice to her but she would take the compliment. She stood there watching me eat lunch and I tried to concentrate on the tv but it was hard, I finished up everything and she lifted the tray up and walked away. I watched her awesome ass walk out of the room thinking that today was one of the best days of my life. She came back like five minutes later and was still nude which surprised me quite a bit. She asked if I needed anything else before she left and I told her that she got me everything I needed for the afternoon I think but she was more than welcome to hang around. She laughed again at that line and then slowly pulled on my shorts with a finger, she asked me again if there was anything else I needed from her. I was really astonished now, I wanted her to climb up on the bed and sit on my face with that ass is what I wanted to say but could not bring myself to say it. She climbed up on the bed and gently worked her way to all fours while she was careful of my other leg, she reached up and began pulling my shorts down then without any shyness at all started playing with my cock then sucking it. She looked up at me with my cock against her cheek and told me you just let me know if anything hurts and I will stop right away.
She started sucking on me again and I was laying there thinking my day could not get any better than right now and I finally worked up enough nerve to ask her if she would turn around so I could lick her. She looked at me shoulder contraption and then at the angle of the bed, she is fairly petite so she told me okay but seriously if anything is not comfortable we can try something new. She slowly turned around then backed up until she felt my face on her thighs, my god her pussy was beautiful, pink with large lips and her anus was just this little tight spot. I leaned my head forward and started licking her with more vigor than she had been sucking on me, she pressed a little firmer against me then started sucking on me again. I came in like two minutes from all of this and she just kept herself pressed against me and let me lick her all I wanted. She told me after like twenty minutes that she had to stop now because her legs were going to give out otherwise, she thanked me for the great orgasm and asked me if I had a lot fun. I told her this was by far the best sexual experience of my life and she told me well your not all healed up yet so we will see about that later.
We continued having sex off and on over the next several weeks and I could not wait until I was out of my shoulder and leg braces.

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  • I also had a bad accident which required some skin grafts, the nurse was changing my leg dressing one day and when she started wrapping everything back up she had rolled my penis right into the bandage against my thigh. I was not going to say anything but as her fingers kept rolling the gauze around I was getting harder. She noticed what she had done and told me she was really sorry then just pulled it right out giving me essentially a rug burn on my penis. I let out a groan of pain and she told me sorry again, she looked down at it and saw the red marks on my skin and told me that she was really sorry now because that had to have hurt. I told her it did but no big deal not knowing what else to say to her. She came back several hours later to check on me giving a once over with the pillow fluffing and asked if I needed anything. I told her I was good and turned off the lights to get some rest. It was about an hour later and all had been really quiet I heard someone walking into my room and I currently was the only patient in it. It was the same nurse again and she told me to be quiet then lifted the sheet up and put her head under it. She gave me a great blow job and told me sorry again for hurting me earlier. I told her that I was not upset at all then and I was certainly happy as hell now. We dated for a few years after that then got married.

  • Good story and experience

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