He Banged My Grandmother

I've been seeing this guy. I liked him because of his endowment. He keeps it shaved and clean down there. I convinced him to spend a weekend at my grandmother's place. I think he was seduced by grandma when he and I was sleeping together. I got up in the middle of the night to go pee. My boyfriend wasn't in bed. I figured he got up to snack or get some country air. Then I heard noises coming from my granny's room. Who would think an old grey haired woman needed sex. "Come on sweetie, love me!" I heard grandma say. She was in bed with her big saggy tits laying at her side and was spreading her loose wrinkled pussy. I got shocked knowing this guy would fuck a woman as old as her.
I had to watch them secretly to see if granny gets fucked. Grandma got a hold of his cock and said, " Please love me!" while she rubbed her pussy with it. He leaned forward and tried to get it in her. As he lean into her, putting it completely in her, she lifted those saggy empty breast with those long nipples and started to suck them. He started to get carried away and began fucking her hard. He never pounded me like that. My grandmother screamed out, "Yes!" and I barged in screaming at my boyfriend, "You never fucked me that hard! You can have him grandma!" and barged out.
To this day, I disowned my grandmother.

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  • I'm a 73 year old grandmother who's getting her twat filled 4 times a week by her 15 year old grandson. Young cock is fantastic when it's ramming away inside an aching pussy.

  • I wouldn't want to fuck my grandma because she's old. My step-grandma is another story. I'd have her legs on my shoulders smacking hard into her wet, juicy pussy.

  • My step-grandma had more glasses of wine than she normally does last night. She was wearing her robe which wasn't tied tight. I could almost see one of her boobs completely from the side. Her nipple was hard and I wanted to suck it so much.

  • Same thing happened with my step-grandma last night, but this time I reached inside her robe and took her tit in my hand. She asked me what I thought I was doing? I told her I think you know.

  • Good for you! Your grandmother should left him alone. And if he cared for you he wouldn't cheat on you. Good job.

  • Poor Grandma

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