Love to met with old

Hi just love to say my story of what happens to me I've been doing Cleaning for years going to homes and cleaning the lounge suite Mattresses Carpets etc to my surprise I've been to a very quiet sweet lady in the 50s I did my work while I was working I had a conversation with her being my client not knowing she was watching my pants after doing the job I asked if I could use the loo she agreed I went leaving the door slightly open as I finished I stood there and got horny and started wanking my client comes to me by the door and ask me if I'm ok I said yes she asked me to open the door more and see her fingering her pussy and she needs me to massage her I got there and started licking her mmm she loved it and said to me if I know how to squirt her I got excited and she loved it gushing water she blow me out now every time I go to the elderly old bored lonely womens I get excited and horny and they want me I love them some call me for just to clean a chair just to play with them email me or call me zero seven six seven one zero four two five four

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • What a whole load of shit, stop making up stories just so you can read them and wank, you silly little prick

  • I work in loads of houses and no way would anyone who wants to stay in business leave a door slightly open and start wanking.

  • When are you free to receive call?? I am in my late 40s bi wbw, living alone in a NY condo.

  • No wonder your alone because your a real queer arsehole

  • Did she suck your cock , did you fuck her and cum in her mouth and pussy

  • Eish these are my customers

  • When I was in college, I rented a room from a woman who was in her late 50s. It was the early 90s so I only paid about 200/mo. However, she offered me 50 dollars off if I would do odd jobs around the place as I was the only male there. I cut her grass and did some painting. She was a retired art teacher and did some private art lessons and she still loved to draw and paint in her spare time.

    When November hit and there wasn't any new work to do (grass was dormant, leaves were raked, and the painting had been done), she asked me if I wanted to be figure drawing model or she would have to go back to the 200/mo instead of 150 since there was no extra work to do. Money was tight, so I agreed to do it. We started out with clothing in different poses, then she had me go shirtless, then in my underwear and then about two weeks in, nude.

    She had a studio in the basement that we used and I remember the first time I stood on the platform in front of her and her easel. Shaking and nervous, I removed my robe and got into a pose. She was faintly pretty and still had a decent figure and it was then that I started to become attracted to her. Within seconds of removing my robe, I looked her in the eye and got a raging hard.on. She looked at it and said, "Wow." and then went back to work. I asked if she wanted me to get dressed and she said, "Absolutely not." I had hoped that she was attracted to me as I could tell that she liked what she saw, but she was so professional that she never made a move. I was nervous about it so I didn't, either. I did a few more sessions with her....a couple where she had two students (male and female) but we never did anything....sigh....

  • Nice i like it

  • I was 28 & had a cute sexy 68 yr old laundry lady we got along great & picked at each other to Patsy had a wild side to !!!! Lol One day we were discussing sexual issues When she ask how old i ws When the 1st girl i dated Sat on my face so i ask how she ws when she sat on her 1st boo's face Lol She said she was 22 & it ws her hubby he had psased away some 20 yrs earlier What about me she said I told her i had intercourse But no one had ever sat on my face before Which of course ws not true i ws just jerking her chain We picked some more Patsy said if she was 25 to 30 yrs younger she would have her butt all over my face but knew she was to old Lol I said well age is only a # to me I told her i was going to take a nap And if she wanted to sit on my face i wouldn't try to stop her Her eyes almost fell out her head She said i shouldn't toy with her like that Lol I said well if ya think im kidding bout it Then come to my bed & see & i blew her a kiss She said You mean you would really let me sit on your sweet young face & i turned & went to my room She was 2 steps behind me She giggled oh baby will i sit on your face i been dreaming since the 1st moment i met you She said & your really going to let me sit on your young face I took her in my arms & french kissed her We made out like we were teens I stripped & got in bed laying in the middle She stripped & WOW !!!!!! Patsy had a hot body to be her age I said damn Patsy your hot she got in bed & we played some

  • I said hey pretty lady how bout sitting ob my face babe I wanna eat you out we made out some more & ended up 69 At the same time she bent forward & sucked my dick & kissed her there she moaned when i did Before long we were going at it like 2 teens I hada plan i had i eat her good & my tongue quickly found her pee hole Oh my hot tongue was all over it I worked it good By this time she wa moaning & grinding her crotch in my face I worked her piss hole !!!!!!! She was breathing hard And said baby Do you know what your tongue is licking on mmmm oh yesssss you do don't ya now I was flicking my tongue all round her hot hole My tongue stroked her pee hole we got more intense with each other After a little while she said Baby i'll warn ya You better stop doing that If ya know whsts good for ya I said ok babe & planted a big kiss rt on her butt hole pucker Patsy bout come unglued She moaned Now i heard about this but didn't believe it I knew no one would ever do this for me I ws kissing all over her butt crack Every time i kissed her butt hole she squeeled like a school girl & said Oh baby please dont stop Please dont stop Kiss it all over then she giggled & said Oh baby You can kiss my ass anytime mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Very interesting

  • Punctuation?

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