First Cuckolded

When my wife and I were dating in college she also dated other guys. She knew that I loved her and she told me that I couldn't date other girls if I wanted to date her. She usually only dated a guy a few times and when he wanted to fuck her she would break it off. One morning after she had been out on a date she called me and told me to come to her room. When I got there she answered the door totally naked and then laid on her back on the bed.
She told me to eat her out and when I got my head between her legs, I noticed that come was dripping out of her pussy. She told me that if I wanted to continue being her boyfriend that I would have to eat her out after another guy had fucked her and I had better like it! I licked his come out of her as she told me how he had fucked her doggy style first and later he got between her legs. After I had finished cleaning her up she let me fuck her.
We started doing this nearly every Friday night and I quickly began liking cleaning her up with my tongue while she told me how many times the guy had fucked her. The Christmas before we graduated I asked her to marry me. She said that she would with the condition that she could also date and fuck other guys. I agreed because I loved cleaning her up after another guy had come in her. She invited ten of the guys that had fucked her to our wedding and they all fucked her before me during our wedding night. These same guys always come around and fuck my wife whenever she wants them to and I now get to watch them fuck her and I clean her up between each of them.

2 months ago


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    • I love being a cuckold. My wife let's me lay under her when her black boyfriend is fucking her from behind. I lick her clit and his balls hitting me in the face. When he cums in her and pulls out I lick both of them clean

    • Loved licking the cum other men as she called it made a deposit. We agreed that she wouldn’t clean up after fucking other guys . I was to clean her up and I did

    • She is certainly a keeper send me a picture of her.

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