Came home unexpectedly

I went to work with the intention of going from there to the airport but I left some things at the house so I left around lunch time to got back home. I pulled up and was surprised to see a car in the driveway but then saw the banner on the side of it and it was the cleaning company. I really did not announce myself when I came inside figuring my wife would either be in the house or off somewhere on an errand. I rounded the top of the stairs and started towards my office when I heard very distinct sounds of moaning coming from the end of the hall which was our master bedroom. I slowly walked down there thinking I was about to see my wife getting it from a guy and my eyes about fell out of my head when I saw the cleaning woman's body, she was not an older woman at all and she was totally nude so far laying on the bed. I had not even pictured this happening but there was my wife with her face buried in the woman's pussy.
My wife still had on her clothes and had her arms wrapped around the woman's hips with one hand up on her torso, the woman had her legs spread out pretty good and I could easily see my wife's mouth wide open and her cheeks moving around from her tongue pleasuring the woman. I was getting really turned on by this because for one thing I had no idea my wife liked to go down on women and for some reason I did not really consider this cheating. I wanted to go into the room and sit on the bed and watch these two pleasure each other really good.
I decided that I was going to stand there and watch without saying a word and I watched for quite some time as my wife built her up to orgasm and listened to her moan out in pleasure. I thought for sure she would see me peeking around the door but as she laid there recovering my wife pulled herself off and started kissing and licking her way up to the woman's breasts. The woman responded by pulling my wife's shirt off and then next came her bra, my wife was still above her while the woman licked and sucked on her nipples. The next moves had them sideways on the bed while she pulled off her pants and underwear then the woman went to work pleasuring my wife. I looked at my wife and knew that there was no way she was going to see me now because they had ended up diagonal on the bed and she would have to look sideways and up to see the doorway. I leaned all the way into the door so I could see them with both eyes and watched as she began licking and fingering her deeply.
My wife can climax quickly and I could tell by the way she was moaning and talking that the woman was giving her clit plenty of attention, it was not ten minutes later and my wife was moaning out with pleasure and spreading her feet wide as she could for her orgasm. I leaned back not knowing what to do, they were finished now and the woman was just kissing and licking her breasts while my wife ran her hands on hers. I decided that I had to take the chance and see what would happen so I stood right in the doorway while they finished some more caressing then unfortunately the cleaning woman saw me first and let out a scream, my wife screamed to just out of fear but then looked over at me standing there and said "Oh, Hi honey".
The woman was scrambling to cover herself up with the sheets but my wife was not to upset at all because she could see the satisfaction on my face. I walked over to the side of the bed and told her that I forgot some things that I needed to take with me but this was very exciting to watch. My wife asked me how long I had been home and I told her I arrived home about ten minutes before her orgasm. She asked me if I was mad even though she did not think I was based on my reaction so far. I leaned down and gave her a kiss and told her no I was not mad at all just really turned on actually. The woman had gathered up her clothes by now and disappeared into the other room, my wife looked at me and told me to drop my pants and she would suck me before I left so I was not frustrated. She got herself off the bed and down on the floor helping me get my pants undone then swallowed me right down sucking on me hard and long until I came like two minutes later.
I called her that evening after getting settled into my hotel room and told her that this afternoon was a huge turn on and I wanted to watch her again some time. She told me that she would be more than happy to make that happen and I asked her if that woman was her only lover. She told me no, Lisa and her get together some times and do the same thing, I asked her if she meant her friend from down the street or another person. She told me it was the Lisa down the street and I just about came again just hearing about it. I told her that I did not care which one it was but I just wanted to watch her do it again. She invited the cleaning woman back one evening after I got back after talking to her about it and she was willing to let me watch the two of them together. I was really turned on by it all and enjoyed watching them immensely as they licked and pleasured each other for about an hour.

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