Drive Inn Movie

When I was in High School a friend and I would often go to Drive Inn Movies. Sometimes we had dates, others times it was just us. When it was just us, we would end up jerking our cocks at the sex scenes. One night he asked me to play with his dick, so I reached out and started rubbing it and jerking it for him. I was leaning toward him on the seat and when a hot scene came on I just bent down and took his cock into my mouth. I pursed my lips and sucked him hard. Right away he started pumping my mouth and came in less than a minute. That was the first time I had cum in my mouth and I loved it. I swallowed his load and kept sucking to get more out. A few weeks later, he, I, and my girlfriend went together. She had on a terry cloth short and top, and pretty soon he was playing with and fingering her pussy. I left to go to the rest room and when I got back they had moved to the back seat. When I opened the door I could see that she was sucking his dick with all of her clothes off. I got in the front and watched them in the dark. Soon he was fucking her with his thick cock until he came in her pussy. We swapped place and I ended up fucking her, then licking her pussy clean of both of our cum. This went on until we got married, but even today she is still fucking him often, and I still suck his cock a few times a year.

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  • Bullshit this happened

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