Pizza girl

It was January 2nd, I was still hungover from New Year celebrations and too lazy to go out and get food, so I ordered a pizza for delivery. I was living in an apartment just outside Atlanta, Ga. I was on the second floor, and due to no activity going on outside, I heard a car pull near the building. A beautiful redheaded girl reached in the backseat of the car to grab a pizza, and marched up the steps to my door. When I watched her through the curtains, it was like watching slow motion, she was gorgeous! Tight jeans and a tank top, with an unbuttoned sweater draping her shoulders. By the time she rang my doorbell, my mind was full of sex, and my cock was hard as a rock. I was wearing oversized sweat pants and a T-shirt and when I opened the door, I tried to hide my bulge. She handed me the bill with one hand, and held he pizza in the other and said, "Your total is $10.50"! She then relaxed her pizza arm and stared right at the bulge in my pants and asked, "Wow, are you horney"? Embarrassed and tongue tied I said..."Kind of"! She handed me the pizza very slowly and seductively and asked if I was eating alone. I nervously answered "yes", and she said she would like to have a slice of pizza with me. I opened the door wide and nodded for her to enter. She turned and locked the door behind her, and slowly walked to me, stripping off her clothes and playing with her C cup nipples. She was Amazingly hot! Knowing where this was going, I pulled off my T-shirt, and she pulled down my sweatpants, playing with my cock with her hand while she kissed me. She pulled back for a second and said, "shower?" I licked her nipples and said, "This way!" We entered the shower and she faced the tile, bent forward with her beautiful ass arched and said, "Take Me!" I was so hard, I penetrated her pussy and pumped her for 5 minutes or so, and then she stopped me, turned around with my cock in her hand, and repositioned my cock into her asshole. Slow at first, but she wanted my 8 inches to pound her while she screamed with an orgasm that shook the entire room. When she began to scream , I came inside her like I never came before, it was Thrilling! We stepped out of the shower, toweled off, she gave me a hot French kiss, and left my apartment. I never saw her again. Until I masturbate, daily, remembering her, of course!

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    • 1977 a college girl was selling magazines door to door - somewhat common then. She was hot. I offered her a cup of coffee and some Girl Scout cookies - which impressed her -- she was a GS and remembers selling the cookies. I buy SI from her -- she says Playboy? I have my Philly girlfriend's artsie photos to ogle. "That's so nice-- can I see them.' I'm thinking maybe gave too much info but get as box full of Lynn's (now wife) nudes for her to see- They're PG and R maybe -- but not X. "She's gorgeous -- you lucky guy" she now has her hand on my leg -- I know this is you're about to get laid dog whistle going off. Soon we're fucking like crazy -- we take a nap and shower -- she washes by dick and gives me a blowjob. She says really, this a first for me -- I only sleep with boyfriends and I haven't had one for 6 months. I add Time Magazine sorta like a tip. Remembering Anna Maria -- in her 60's now.

    • Rubbish fake story

    • Five guys responded to my ad over the weekend but most flaked out after seeing the address for the meet up. One guy told me he really wanted a blow job because he had not had one in months, sent me a pic like I asked for in my ad. His stats were not bad at all so I responded back to him and he actually showed up this evening. His cock was awesome, nice head on it, about seven inches with shaved balls and neatly trimmed pubic hair.
      He laid back and I went to work teasing him with plenty of licking while he grew hard, I have no idea why but I just really enjoy sucking a cock now and then. When I was in my teens my cousin and I started doing it and it was so enjoyable and felt just amazing. I have missed it a lot and have only found four guys in about six years. He told me several times that it felt great to finally get sucked on, I took a long swig of ice water and sucked his head right into my mouth, he gasped and told me that was a shocker. I sucked and played with him for about twenty minutes before finally giving him some steady sucking to orgasm. I kept on going, sucking away on him gently while his cock came down from all the sensitivity. I sucked him until he was hard again and he was not sure he was going to able to orgasm again but about thirty minutes later and some serious cock sucking he had a back arching loud moaning orgasm the he swore was the best one of his life.
      I kept lightly sucking on him as he softened again, he was gasping every time I sucked on him hard, he told me after about five gasps that his cock was way to sensitive to keep going. He went on again telling me that no one in his life had ever sucked him to two orgasms let alone for forty five minutes. I told him if wanted to come back tomorrow I can do the same thing again, he looked at me and was like seriously, why do you like doing this so much? I told him I just do, not sure why but I enjoy doing it.

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