I keep cheating with prostitutes

I have been quite bad over the last decade or so. I am married and love my wife but I am addicted to kinky and taboo sex.

I have slept with more prostitutes than I can remember via the Adultwork website. There are so many women available you are spolit for choice and the prices are really good....good enough for me to make a habit out of it.

The thing is, I like doing really naughty things with them, things I don't believe my wife will be into and the last thing I want is for her to feel awkward after doing something that was taboo so to speak.

The main reason I have been seeing prostitutes is because of the thrill of it. The first time I slept with a prostitute was when my wife was pregnant, it felt so wrong but so kinky at the same time, I got such a buzz. On one of the Valentine's days I went to have sex with a BBW escort mid afternoon and then had sex with my wife that evening. I also did similar on my wedding anniversary a few times just for the sheer thrill of it.

I also share naked pictures of my wife with strangers on the internet.

I know what I do will be seen as very wrong by some people but I just can't help getting that buzz from doing this.

9 months ago

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    • I'd love to see photos of your wife. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

    • I’ve fucked a couple prostitutes n I ate that ass n pussy up. I was so turned on I slurped all that up then let my man get him some. I was loving that prostitute pussy

    • I ve always pull the rubber off after awhile ! So kinky to cum inside a pussy unprotected!!! Sure I have a few kids out in the world

    • Love the raw

    • I ve gotten few prostitute pregnant over the years loved every moment about it and not telling my wife anything

    • If any man want to share his wife's/gf's pix or video's etc so feel free to send me at my email chadswart@yahoo.com & also if any lady want to contact me or want to be my friend or even just want to share pix & video's of her etc so just msg me at my email . i m a 36 years old man & i like old ladies also i like fat ladies so if any of old or fat lady want to b my friend fell free & just contact me any time most welcome 😊

    • I've actually been perusing escort websites for a while now and have been thinking of going to one. Me and my wife have really cooled off in the bedroom and I HATE having to ask for sex. More than half the time she has an excuse or when we do get around to it, she doesn't really do anything. It's almost as if she's not into it. Well,that last part might not be true though cause she'll have orgasms and I know she has them because she'll squirm and gets super wet to the point where we have to put towels down just so the matress doesn't get too wet.
      Anyway, the last time we did it was about 5 months ago. That's how long we go between sessions, 🙁.
      Are escorts worth it? Also, I'm really self conscious about my weight. I'm not fat fat, but I'm not thin neither, just thick around the gut, haha. Do they care?

    • No, they don't care about weight or looks. It's just a transaction. You can have any kind of woman you dream of on AW website. It's the best thing I ever got into.

    • They do not care about your weight, just your wallet.

    • What really naughty things do you do with them? Do you wear a condom?

    • Yes, always condom.

      I used to to all kinds of kinky things like spending 20 minute worshiping their ass or making a big tit woman walk up and down so I could watch her tits bounce will I jerk off and pinch my nipples....wife wouldn't do stuff like this.

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