Is this bad? Cerebral Palsy

Had a great group of friends in college. We all lived in an apartment complex around a horseshoe shaped courtyard with a pool in the middle. We had HUGE parties and a great time for a couple of years. One of the group had a close friend who has cerebral palsy. Sweet gal. Funny. I’ll call her Myra. She could walk on her own although it was labored. She could be hard to understand when she talked. She came to several parties and I always treated her like a normal person. After all, she was. Her mind was completely normal, it was her body that didn’t want to cooperate. I was always patient with her. Listening and trying to understand when others didn’t pay attention.
Anyway, her friend comes to my apartment one day and tells me that Myra wants to give me her virginity. She said this is exactly how she wanted her to say it “give me her virginity”. She said nothing else would change. We would remain friends. She understands that we would not have a real relationship. But she wanted to do this. She knew she could trust me and had been waiting for the right guy. She asked me not to answer her but to think about it.
So the next day I called Myra and asked if I could come over to talk. I’m sitting on her couch and she just comes over and climbs on my lap. Straddling me. She leans down and whispers in my ear While she reaches for my cock “I want this”.
I was hard immediately. I picked her up and carry her to her bed. Take off her clothes and she’s wearing some nice matching bras and panties. She’s small. Frail even. But has a nice body. I told her “ let’s go really slow. You can do whatever you want with me. I’ll do whatever you want me to. But let’s not rush into doing it right away”.
She just smiled. And then she took her time. She teased me. Played with me. Got me close and stopped. Pushed my head between her legs and was more vocal than I expected. She orgasmed fast. Then flipped over to a 69. I’d been with a few girls but None of them were this aggressive/in charge. Her pussy tasted good. She got me close again like that and then stops, tells me to get a condom and then sits and stares intensely at my cock while I put it on.
It’s been almost 20years, but I can still see her rolled onto her back, smiling and saying “I’m ready”.
I took about 2 minutes to come. Sad but I had been pretty worked up. It didn’t take long and I was ready again and we had a good 10 minute session.
I saw her at several parties after that, but it wasn’t long til I had a serious girlfriend and then graduated.
I guess I have always had mixed feelings about it. But again, she was just a normal girl. Her mind fully functioning. So I mostly just relish the memory and the good time we had. Hope she found someone to love.

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  • Sounds sweet. In my high school there was a boy with Downs. He was really nice to everyone and we were actually pretty good friends. We talked a a lot and he was saying he would probably never have a girlfriend or sex. I was pretty big back then and didn’t have any boyfriends either.
    I said why don’t we take care of each other? It was pretty good sex. He had higher expectations for a relationship and was mad when I wouldn’t be his girlfriend. His cock was enormous and he came more than anyone I’ve ever been with.
    We are still in touch today. He’s doing good but still single. Tough for people with disability.

  • Nothing wrong at all. Sounds hot.

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