Married the hottest woman I thought I never had a shot with

My wife turns heads, she is 5'9, about 125 lbs, DD real boobs, curvy hips and waxes everything. She truly is stunning and even better when naked, people see us together and I know they are thinking this guy is rich or hung like a horse. I am neither for sure but one thing she said to me on our first time going on a semi real date was that I was funny and she loved that I made her laugh. I think the biggest thing that I have going for me is luck but she tells me all the time that she loves me and cannot imagine living without me.
She is incredibly sexual, she moans when she is sucking on me, moans when I go down on her and lets out these little gasps that you just have to hear to understand. She screams and practically pulls my hair out when she orgasms, yelling "Oh, fuck do not stop doing that!!" and "God I love how you do that!!"
I do not feel like I have a huge cock, last time I measured it in high school it was just under seven inches but she tells me all the time how good it feels and rides it until she collapses, I love it when she is on top of me because her breasts sway all over the place. Her facial expressions say it all as her mouth opens up and she moans out words only reserved for truckers and sailors. She completely astounded me the night she opened up this bag and out came three different sized anal toys and some lube, we played for quite some time with her anus and I also vibed her clit. My cock was standing erect for the whole time while I listened to her gasp, moan and squeal out. She told me to leave one of them in and it was bright pink with a loop on the end of it for a finger. She turned around and began sucking on my cock with her ass up and I was watching this pink ring moving around just asking myself how I got so damn lucky.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Why even bother posting this fake shit

  • Five guys responded to my ad over the weekend but most flaked out after seeing the address for the meet up. One guy told me he really wanted a blow job because he had not had one in months, sent me a pic like I asked for in my ad. His stats were not bad at all so I responded back to him and he actually showed up this evening. His cock was awesome, nice head on it, about seven inches with shaved balls and neatly trimmed pubic hair.
    He laid back and I went to work teasing him with plenty of licking while he grew hard, I have no idea why but I just really enjoy sucking a cock now and then. When I was in my teens my cousin and I started doing it and it was so enjoyable and felt just amazing. I have missed it a lot and have only found four guys in about six years. He told me several times that it felt great to finally get sucked on, I took a long swig of ice water and sucked his head right into my mouth, he gasped and told me that was a shocker. I sucked and played with him for about twenty minutes before finally giving him some steady sucking to orgasm. I kept on going, sucking away on him gently while his cock came down from all the sensitivity. I sucked him until he was hard again and he was not sure he was going to able to orgasm again but about thirty minutes later and some serious cock sucking he had a back arching loud moaning orgasm the he swore was the best one of his life.
    I kept lightly sucking on him as he softened again, he was gasping every time I sucked on him hard, he told me after about five gasps that his cock was way to sensitive to keep going. He went on again telling me that no one in his life had ever sucked him to two orgasms let alone for forty five minutes. I told him if wanted to come back tomorrow I can do the same thing again, he looked at me and was like seriously, why do you like doing this so much? I told him I just do, not sure why but I enjoy doing it.

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